looking for viable temporary method...

I’m not interested in permanent hair removal, I’m looking for something that’s good for temporarily removing various patches of body hair that lasts longer than shaving and is less painful than waxing. I’ve read a bit about the tweezer-electrolysis method, and I’ve got two unanswered questions:
1- When the tweezer is applied and the hair is zapped, does it really come out?
2- How long does it take to begin growing back?
thanks in advance for any advice…

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, if done correctly, so the hair that was treated successfully will not come back.

Although I have not started electrolysis yet, I know from friends testimonials, and posts on this board: IT HURTS BADLY! It is very common for electrolysis client to use numbing creams to lessen the pain, and still IT HURTS! But, hey, it works, and for those of us seeking permanent results worth it.

Take care, polki.