looking for the right rotary epilator

Hi I have fair-colored skin and not thin nor really thick hair. The rotary epilator seems like a really good idea, especially on arms/hand/feet/“treasure trail” on tummy/upper lip hair/fine hair beneath sideburns. So I just want to ask is there one that works for all of those places or should I use a separate one for body and face? What specific brands would you recommend for those? Looking at some topics, the braun seems to have good rotary epilators. So where can I buy it and the prices? If anyone can help, that’ll be great because I’m hoping to buy one soon. =D Thank you so very much!! =)

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The Braun epilators are great on the body, I think. If you like it for those areas, the same one can sometimes be used on the face. The smaller facial models sold aren’t gentler, they just have fewer tweezers in the head for more precise maneuvering.

Andrea, I see… I think I’m going to go with a braun one. =) Is there any specific braun brands you think are good? So far, I’ve only heard of buying it online, but is there any possibility to buy it elsewhere? If not, any specific site that sells pretty good-priced braun epilators? Much appreciation to anyone who can help (getting closer to a method I might stay to…=D)!!

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I like my Braun Silk-epil, but they have some newer fancier models, depending on your price range. Below is a list of sites offering their epilators:

Google: Braun epilator list

Oh ok thank you Andrea!!

Any specific models of braun/other companies you people use that has worked good for face/body/both? Thanks I’m basically just not sure about what model to buy.

I recommend the Silk-epil SuperSoft Plus EE 1170 or the Silk-Epil Eversoft, Easy Start Epilator, Solo 2270.

Thank you so much… again for I don’t know how many times! =) By the way, would facial hair grow thicker from epilation though?

Man, but does anyone know if there’s any other way to get them besides from a site? So far I’ve only found sites that require credit card and I’m not sure if it’s that safe. =\ Hmm does anyone recommend an uh somewhat safe site? But I guess it’s hard to really tell… drugstore.com seems secure but who knows? I’ll see. =)

Sorry for so many questions guys. =( I’m getting close to find a better temporary solution for myself though, endless thanks to all!

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I’ve shopped regularly at drugstore.com for a long time and never had any problems. They’ve always been wonderful. Not that I know anything about epilators, but as far as the place itself? I’d recommend them. The only minor problem is that their selection tends to change a lot, and I’ve had products discontinued on me more than once. Sigh.

browneyes, if you are concerned about making web transactions, you can often get a drugstore or upscale depratment or beauty supply store to special-order one. Then you can buy it from them. You might also get a friend to make the purchase online, then you can reimburse him or her. Also, many online stores have a method of payment by mail for those who do not wish to order online.

hey you guys! i finally bought the Silk-Epil Eversoft, Easy Start Epilator, Solo 2270 from drugstore.com, which i received a few weeks ago. i haven’t had the time to try it out yet though with school and all. but when i do, i’ll be sure to tell you how it goes. =) THANKS EVERYONE for getting me here and all your wonderful help!!

btw, for people who have used it… does it grow back the same or there is change? thank you!

browneyes, hair may seem to be coming in thinner, but that’s a bit misleading. Usually about one third of your hairs are growing and two-thirds are visible. That means after a first epilation, you’ll see what appears to be a lot less hair coming back. That’s only because it’s early on. If you let the hairs all go through a complete cycle, they’d be back to normal. The good thing is that if you epilate regularly, you’ll always have about a third less hair visible!

=) oh, well that’s good enough me.

hmm just a thought. does epilation/tweezing affect the hair pattern? after tweezing i notice that the hair pattern looks different than before and looks like it’s growing out randomly. weird. maybe it’s just me.

ah sorry i have one more thing to ask before trying it out. i’m kind of confused about the steps of epilation. the instruction manal wasn’t in english either. =\ and people seem to do it differently. but basically, i’m just not sure when to exfoliate. and if you can’t find tend skin, we can use bath salts or…? can someone clear it up for me? =) much much appreciation!

You interrupt the standard pattern when you epilate, so the new hairs that some in will look random. As noted elsewhere, epilating can sometimes synchronize some hair growth (not always, and not necessarily noticeably).

I advise exfoliating a day or two before, then waiting until your skin looks normal to use any sort of scrub. You can use Tend Skin immediately before and after. If you don’t have Tend skin, witch hazel can help cleanse the area before treatment, and can soothe things after. I also recommend 100% aloe gel after.

If it’s your first time, I recommend doing a little test area like the back of your hand or your knee to see how your skin reacts.

I have tried my Silk-Epil Eversoft, Easy Start Epilator, Solo 2270! =D I did the whole exfoliating and body scrub stuff a few days before. Then I first tried it on my palms (I used the easystart head). Ouch! I began with my left arm. It took me a while before I actually started because the sound and quick movement of the epilator kind of scared me. :stuck_out_tongue: I stopped a lot at the beginning, so one arm took 2 hours. I had to go somewhere and came back late, so I had to continue the next day.

The next day, for 30 min, I epilated hairs that I didn’t get on my left arm and for 1-2 hours or so did the other arm. This time I started from the side where there were finer hairs and slowly went into where there was more. Surprisingly, I could keep going and didn’t hurt as much. I was pretty used to it by then. By the way, I didn’t trim my longer hairs this time, just attacked and beared with it. =) I must say one awesome thing about epilators is that it’s not messy like waxing! =D I think one reason it didn’t hurt as much is because I went a little faster, thus more of my hairs were’t caught and I had to go back to again. In the end, my arms were a bit red and whatnot, but it went away later. It was hard for me to epilate places I couldn’t see so I guess asking someone to help you with those places would be a good idea. =)

Overall, I think the epilator is what I would prefer for a temporary solution for arm hair. Shaving grows back too fast, waxing and depilatories were much too messy for me, and trimming didn’t satisfy me that well. This brand is also terrific, thanks for the recommendation again Andrea! =D Right now, I am waiting to see how long before my arm hair comes back and how my exfoliating+body scrub has worked. I’ll notify you all once I know.

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Well, my arm hair started growing back in a few days. At least it lasts longer than shaving and is less of a hassle to do than waxing. =)

I need to work on the ingrowns though. I might just shave in the summer since I get less. I’ll see. Hmm and the regrowth is ok, not any thicker.

So I definitely think I’m going to get a permanent solution for all this somewhere around after high school ends. Good luck to everyone too!

Thanks everyone!! Might return to ask things about laser/electrolysis later on. Until then I’ll see if I have any more questions and try to help out people with questions around the forum if I can. Have a great day!