Looking for One Touch "CreamHair Remover" or equiv

I have used this product for almost 10 years. Used to buy it from www.cosmeticmall.com but they informed me that it has been discontinued. My stash is running out

Went so far as to write to the management of the manufacturer (AML). They recommended a substitute called “Andre for Men” but it is not the same thing. The concentration of Andre is not as thick as that of the “One Touch” cream. I can’t find it anywhere (even ebay). Going crazy since my professional life depends on this. I have tried Nair and a couple of others, but nothing works as well as One Touch. If you know of any store that carries it, please reply to this or email me.

An equivalent of the same concentration/strength will be acceptable as well.

Not ready to invest time and $ in electro yet.


May I inquire as to why a more permanent solution is not more to your liking?

I like the idea of “permanent solutions” but at this time must defer it for the following reasons:

1 - Don’t know enough about it to go all the way.
2 - At this time, I don’t have the time to devote learning about it.
3 - The present solution of the cream works fine for me. Apply it every two days and look decent enough.

I’d appreciate your and anyone’s help in finding the cream I mentioned.

Hi Pancho, I’d suggest if you need a little more information try my website. newnanelectrolysis.com Electrology is the way, the only permanent way.

Permanent solutions with electrolysis are freeing, but since you are getting relief from this cream and you are happy with your present arrangement, maybe we can start problem solving this if you list the ingredients and their concentration for One Touch.

I’m wondering if a conpound pharmacy could make this for you if the One TOuch people would provide the ‘recipe’.

In addition to the above post, I forgot to ask what the condition of your skin is like after 10 years of using a depilatory?

Hi Pancho,

Please note that the One Touch depilatory has a couple of toxic ingredients that some professionals in the skin care industry avoid. If you would like specific details, feel free to email me.

Keep in mind that it is legal to use many known toxic and carcinagenic ingredients in products so I do not know if this has anything to do with why One Touch depilatory is unavailable.

Ingredients reveal so much to us and most consumers do not know exactly what they are using on their skin… for example, a new skin care client mentioned that she wanted a collagen treatment and I said NOPE as I realized she was a practicing Hindu. Collagen is made from cow. Imagine what a vegan has to be concerned about!

I hope that you look into electrolysis as it is probably the safest hair removal method around besides being the only one that assures permanency. Good Luck.

Arlene, thanks for your attention to this. I always wondered about secondary effect or long term damage to my skin but so far so good. I used the cream every other day, leave it on my skin for eight minutes and then rinse it out with a spatule. The shave is and has been perfect for all this years. Whenever I jump from this to blade (emergency meetings, social events) I pay for it dearly. My skin is irritated, bumps, bleeding, etc. I have to wait days until it heals. I’m going to give Electro a shot and see how it goes.

Thanks to all,

By the way, …no one was able to address the question of an equivalent cream and instead all I received were replies about going for electro. We will see in the long run how this plays out.

We would have been glad to pass on anything we knew about One Touch cream because that’s what you specifically requested. We can’t possibly know about every hair removal product, ingredients and all, as there are hundreds and hundres from all around the world.

Don’t bother giving electro a shot before you study and understand what successful electrolysis looks like or you may give up before you really get started.

This thread is new enough so perhaps some? many? have not even read it yet and they may have some good information about the One Touch Cream. So, keep checking back over the weeks. I hope others will respond, because Arlene and me have done as much as we can on this question.

Good luck,


Since Arlene actually has the information on what this product is/was, and what is/was in it, she is the only one who can answer the question of what is the closest substitute product. For all I know it could be Magic Shave, or Epil-Stop. (I don’t recommend use of either by the way) Perhaps she will enlighten as to what product approximates One Touch in the best way.