looking for NYC electrologist

I’m looking for good electrologists with references who offer reasonable prices in the NYc area (long island and nj too). I want to do my upper lip and sideburns… I have much more I would like to get done but those are the primary areas that I am most conscious of.
Any help would be great… thanx!

On the island there is Fino Gior, who is recommended by James and others. He can be quick and efficient. If I remember correctly, he’s at 15 Bond St. in Great Neck.

I have had personal experience with a few practitioners in Brooklyn and Queens, but none that I can recommend.

While personal referral remains a good way to go, I have found that many people just refer you to the practitioner they use themselves. It is not necessary that they know what good treatment is supposed to be like. So, ideally, you should do the homework of testing out yourself every practitioner you can.

If Brooklyn is within your traveling range, you can try me. I have always had good feedback from my clients and we can work out a good deal for you. Let me know.

Good luck!