looking for help..

Hello all, this is my first time on a laser hair removal forum, it seems so hard to find these

things i dont know why. Anyways, I have somethign to share with you all. my grammar and sentencing

isn’t the best either so please, bear with me and hear me out.

I have been going to the ‘city laser skin clinic’ which is located in downtown san francisco since

around early july ( my first appt ) for neck hair removal treatments. So far since i have been going

everything has been good. I have only been going for my neck area since about 2 months ago.

Everytime i go i don’t choose the numbing cream, i go for the ice numbing method just because

although it hurts, as I progressed into the treatments the pain levels decreased so I stuck with the


I have done about 5 sessions, all on entire neck area, so far eveything has been pretty good and

results have been shown. i saw results on neck area on the second session, ( thinning of the hair )

which was great and the reason why i continued to go for more.

Around October was my first time i got my face done along with my usual neck area.
When i say face I mean “cheeks and sideburns” is how they describe it.

So altogether this is my 5th treatment in total ( 5 for my neck area, and 2 of those 5 have been

neck and face ).

Everytime that i have gone so far although it has been different doctor sometime, i was left with no

discoloration anywhere on my neck or face that I could see or even notice.

Throughout all of my treatments I have seen about 3 or 4 different doctors. I would say she was my


So far all of the 3 previous were fine and seemed to understand my comfort levels and asked me

questions etc.

The lady who just performed this most recent session was my first time with her. She looked like a

really nice lady and told me that she had been doing it for seven years already. I noticed her

looking at the notes and wanted to cofirm with her that she was familiar with my previous sessions

and what settings i was comfortable with, just so that we were both on the same page and that i was

also heads up as to what’s being done to me and by who ( becuase this is stuff that we have to

research on our own, since it could be a scam or just being done incorrectly and being that it’s our

skin, it is a very serious matter ), so just by coming on here and finding a community for this kind

of stuff, I know that I’m not the only one with concern.

So, for the introduction on how this most recent session started, she was ready to just start zapping away without any kind of ice or cream or even asking me. the reason im saying this is because, the lady, ( im assuming going off my previous notes that she read in the manila folder with my profile ), figured that i was a pretty strong person since I always do the ice numbing method, or could just endure pain levels. Now I’m not sure if this is normal practice or if there are just some people out there that just go all out and do no kind of numbing at all.

The main reason i am explaining all of this is because i think i have some minor kind of

pigmentation or discoloration from this last session. Now I’m not sure if it’s something that has to take time, or if she just zapped areas where there wasn’t any hair follicles and that’s what would cause this pink light purple colation to appear.

I am hoping that will subside and go away within the next day or two and that since this was my second face/cheek treatment that it’s normal. The area that is showing the discoloration/pink purple area is right above my cheekbone area and slightly below my eye area.

I am starting to grow concern as to maybe this last doctor didnt know what she was doing, or, she just really rushed through it and actually messed up somewhere. I am thinking of even creating a law suit just becasue every otehr time I have gone I never saw any discoloration, not even on the first face treatment.

Can someone help me out or lend any advice or point me in the right direction or just assist me mentally?

Anyone been to this place or familiar with or know if it has gotten or has had bad reviews in the past? or how do i know whats a good doctor and what isn’t?


If you have been treated in a specific way without incident before, it’s best to try to match that treatment. It should feel about the same to you and cause the same short-term response on the skin. Be sure to speak up if something is different or seems wrong. If the practitioner is not responding in a way that satisfies your questions or concerns, ask to speak with the manager or physician.