Looking for Gentronics Multi-Needle 160D Machine

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Gentronics Multi-needle electrolysis machine. I am based in Ireland and will cover the shipping costs

I saw this one for sale in Ste Catherines…


I had a 160-D at one time. Wonderful machine. Make sure you have a power conditioner (not just a surge protector) as this unit will sometimes act up if plugged directly into raw current coming from the wall.

I think that is easily fixed with tin foil. I took mine apart and added tin foil to an area inside (I was guided over the phone as to what to do by the owner).

Contact Texas Electrolysis Supply. They’re the only ones who would have it.

I’ve 2 gentronics multi probe units that I wanting to sell 😀
I overseas at the moment, home at the end of the week(Scotland)

I am looking for a gentronics multi needle electrolysis machine.

do you have a multiple needle digital gentronics machine?

Hi Rebecca, I sold both my units earlier this year

thanks ,but could you tel me to who ?maybe they would want to sel it?or if you think that you can`t give me they contact could you ask them maybe?
thank you