Looking for Calgary referrals - help with info (researching LHR for myself)

Hello all,

Wow - great site. I have been sitting here reading for an hour. I have been looking into LHR and reading all I can, sporadically, for a couple of months now. From what I have been able to glean I would be a perfect candidate (pasty white skin, dark brown/black hair). I don’t believe I have any hormonal issues, as the hair I am wanting to treat is on my legs mostly (I don’t have any issues with facial hair, other than the peach-fuzz moustache). I think it is more a gamble of my unfortunate genetics (an ape-like father and darn hairy mother).
So, I am looking for anyone with experience with hair removal in the Calgary area. I believe I would go with the Lightsheer system because from what I have gathered it would work for me. But, from my research online there are a number of clinics in the area who perform LHR. One is a couple of RN’s who’ve been doing it since 1999. I don’t know their prices, but am in the process of booking a consult. Another is a clinic that advertises a “spa-like” setting (Laser Rejuvenation clinics) or something, they also do liposuction, Botox, etc. I have a feeling they may be pricier due to the “spaishness” factor. Anyhow, I will go for a consult at each place I believe. I don’t want to fall into the “False Economy” trap of going somewhere cheaper just BECAUSE they are cheaper and getting inferior results, but at the same time I don’t want to pay more for the “froo froo” elements that don’t matter to me.
This is why I am looking for anyone who may have experience (especially Canadians), and if anyone is from Calgary, even better!
What could I expect to pay for full-leg/bikini removal. I would love to get to the 80-90% reduction rate. At this point, I hate summer because it means shaving every day and stubble just a few hours later. I am the mother of 3 kids, and my 3 year old won’t sit on my lap if my legs are bare - she says “Ow” and it makes me very humiliated that even my child notices my stubble and doesn’t want to touch it nevermind my husband! He would be thrilled too.

So there it is - jump in anyone, I am open to all suggestions or insights whatever they may be.