Looking for an electrologists

Ok, I will start to have consultations soon with a few electrologists i have managed to find (you have no idea how hard it was) and i know what questions to ask and what to look for in an electrologist thanks to days and days of browsing and researching this forum. However, there is one question i have not found an answer to.

Assuming that i feel no plucking during consultations, how can i be sure that the electrologist is making the right insertions and actually killing the hair and using the right settings and not just damaging it. Is there any way this can be determined from a consultation or is the only way to do this is to “take a picture before the treatment, after the treatment and one year after that to see if the hair was affected” as James Walker continually says. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

The reason i ask this is because im literally going to spend nearly all my money on this first go and i can’t afford for it to go wrong, thats why i wanted to be sure that I’m getting effective treatments from the off.

Any feedback will be extremely appreciated!!!

Here’s my feedback for what you are asking.

There is a certain amount of blind faith and trust associated with the person you choose to remove your hair permanently in a decent time frame with the skin looking great afterwards. You are choosing a practitioner based on information that you have gathered here on hairtell and through other sources perhaps. You deserve a pat on the back for doing your homework FIRST and then going on the hunt for an electrologist.

How do you know that you will live happily ever after when you choose the person you will marry? How do you know that you are choosing a conservative surgeon as oppossed to a “chance to slash is a chance for cash” surgeon? How do you know that the contractor who will build your new home will do it with care? How do you know that the journalist is presenting the whole story with facts? Same goes for electrolysis. We have to have a certain amount of trust for each other. We all have internal instincts that instantly alert us or make us feel comfortable. Being that you now know more about electrolysis, your consultations should align with what you have come to know about good electrolysis results and care. Understanding the hair growth cycles, hygenic measures, sensation, healing, proper scheduling and actually going to someone that keeps up with his or her electrolysis education, including, being ammenable to spending money to upgrade his or her tools that are better for both client and practitioner, by the way.

You know, Saf, you can always check in here for help if you need it. Electrologists are all different in their approaches, but they should all be on the same page as far as certain principles are concerned. It should be very enlightening to discover the uniqueness of all you interview. Remember to always communicate with your personal electrologist. She/he has the advantage of seeing your problem. We can only speak in generalities if you are having a problem. That is something that can’t be repeated enough.

Take care


Thanks very much dee.

I will be posting detailed progress of my electrolysis sessions including before and after pictures of my sessions so that you can keep a close eye on my treatments and alert me of anything that you think either me or my electrologist are doing wrong. Also i hope it helps other people reading this forum as well who are also thinking of getting large body electrolysis.

Posters reporting back about their experiences is ther core of this hair site. Pictures are great, so please share. I am in the process of working on three men with back, shoulder and upper arm hair.All three have different amounts of hair. My personall preference for these larger areas is microflash thermolysis. I never use a foot switch, but rather, I use the automatic timing feature on my epilator. It’s wonderful. I have decent speed this way and the hair slides out nicely only because the levels for intensity and timing are set correctly. Also, it is less tiring for me as I am working for 2-3 hours a a time. These men understand the time factor involved to completion and are willing to go the course as needed. Getting to a first clearance will take longer,depending on the amount of hair you have, so put in the time up front to punch it hard. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />


Well I am prepared to go upto 6 six hours a week in order to get my first clearance in a month, I fully understand the importance of this with regards to time and money. Even though it may cost alot in the beginning, I’m sure I’ll end up spending less in the long run and also time to completion will also decrease. Thanks for you encouraging words Dee, i deeply appreciate it.

I am looking for an electrolysis practitioner in NYC. Any advise? I don’t want to just pick one out of the phone book.

good luck Saf. Looking forward to reading about your progress. btw, the way i can tell the electrologist is good (i’ve tried 4) is by seeing whether the hair slides out easy after the zap. you can also feel the difference. the pain is much stronger when the insertion is spot on and the heat actually does hit the hair. i can tell which will slide out easily and which will need another try just from that.

Good luck SAF! When I save up some money I’m going to try what you are doing myself and when I can figure out how to find a good electrolysis in my area. I’m going to go as many hours as I can per week so that I can see clearance fast! Since we have such large areas, it is imperative that we don’t spend 3 years doing this with a ton of wasted money. I think I might try just to have a certain area treated. A 3 inch square or something for six months or something like that, just to see if it is worth it in the long run before I spend 10G’s. Good luck, I’m rootin’ for ya.