looking for advice.

Hi. I’m looking for some advice on laser hair removal. I live in champaign il, i’m guessing not many people on these boards are from the area, and i’m finding it very hard to get reviews on any laser hair removal places in the area.

I am light skinned but do not burn really easily and once i’ve burned i will more likely tan (though i wear sunscreen religiously, i don’t wish to tan or burn at all). I also have medium dark hair, so I’m guessing i’m in between a type 2 and 3, closer to a 2 because of my skin but closer to 3 because of my hair.

Of the 2 places I’ve sought out, one uses a Cynosure Smartepil II Neodimium-YAG Laser, the other uses a diode laser though i can’t remember which brand. Other than that it has been hard for me to find any other places or info on other lasers used in the area. So my question is, which of these do you think would work best for me? If it helps, i’m looking to do my under arms and possibly in the future my bikini area.

Thank you for any advice!

All i can tell you that YAG is a very bad idea for light skin people, not because it might not be effective but because it will hurt you so much. YAG is meant for skin type 5 and 6.
Diode as a technology is better suited for you but kinda hard to tell what that specific machine is worth without the name.

The diode laser one is probably the Light Sheer Diode the first FDA approved hair removal laser ever.

We always recommend nationwide to go with either the Light Sheer Diode laser or Candela laser. Then NEVER go to a big box hair removal chain place, there techs usually have little to know experience at all and we know for a fact in multiple states they have only 2-3 days training on the lasers and whamo they can treat patients. We’ve interviewed alot of there x-techs, truly frightening for unassuming people that go into these places.

Also try Googling “laser hair removal champaign IL” and seeing what places come up. Also try CitySearch, Yelp and other reviews sites on local places.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

Dr Michael Green’s office in Chicago has been recommended here before. You can run a search for Chicago and read past discussions.

But generally, read the FAQs at the link below to figure out what you need. For your skin type, an alexandrite laser like GentleLASE or Apogee would be best.