Looking for a professional recommended elecrolysis in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

Can anyone suggest a highly recommended professional electrolysis in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA?

I am male and looking to start treatment on my face.

Is BLEND the recommended and most effective method?

I do not have the answer to your question on who to go to in Australia but did want to comment on the other portion of your question. Firstly, I have been an electrologist for almost 20 years now and I personally do not work on any male clients. My reason for that is simply due to the hair of a male is extremely difficult to give total removal satisfaction. We are taught that because a man produces “Testosterone” which gives him his normal hair growth and we electrologists are trying to destroy his hair roots; we are working against nature and presents a very difficult situation. In a female when she is producing too much testosterone it will cause her to also have a hair problem. Since I want satisfied clients I chose to go by what we are taught. I know there will be probably many electrologists who would agree with me but I am not just in this profession for money; I want satisfied clients. On the other questions as to which type of electrolysis to use; the Galvanic is the most successful but hurts like crazy. The Blend is a mixture of the two types which is next to the most successful but with it having a blend of Galvanic in it; then it will still be somewhat painful. I would say if you decide to have treatments check out someone who uses the blend and see if you can handle it. Also check out their clinic and surroundings to make certain it is professional and a clean/sterile atmosphere. I would also ask the person for some references prior to having a treatment. Get several if you can. It is so important to not go to JUST anyone.

Thankyou for your help I will definately take that into account when looking for an electrologist.

Although it is true that many electrologists are just not up to the challenge of successful work on male clients, many are, and do get perfect results, and satisfied clients. It is not easy, and requires a certain speed on the part of the electrologist, and dedication on the part of the client, but it is still possible. It is not easy, but it is simple.

Sensation is relative, and will be an individual thing. The newer machines are less painful when used properly, while still delivering permanent hair removal. They also make faster treatments possible. This makes working on men a much easier task than it would be if one were forced to work in a situation where one could only do one to three hairs per minute, and no more than 4 hairs per square inch at a time.

With the permission of one of my clients, I offer you this look at what is possible with a person with 500 hairs per square inch at the start of treatment. This only took two years to do, even though the client had 5 times what is supposed to be the normal number of hairs per square inch, I am not as fast as Fino, and the client did not come on the perfect schedule. Not bad for having a situation that was not perfect.
Over 150,000 hairs cleared

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