longer than you expect

why is the average time is for chin is somewhere between 2-12 hours, that doesnt seem correct, first off for someone who has been plucking for many years this is misleading, i know you say average. but most women who are going through electrolysis are more than average. i have had over 32 hrs of treatment on my chin, i go for weekly appontments, how much longer can i expect? for the electrogists on this board, i’m sure you have seen many cases, so how long do you think? i have hair on both sides of my chin, none in the middle and some on the neck, maybe 30 or so below chin. i have had my hormones checked and they came back normal.i am running out of patience.

It’s always difficult to to answer these time questions because we can’t see your problem. As I was reading your post, I just can’t even come close to understanding why you haven’t been cleared way before now?

I work on lots of chins, plucked and unplucked, in conjunction with the hair on the neck. I can usually clear the chin and neck in a 1-6 hour range depending on, of course, how densely populated the area is. Thereafter, it’s scattered maintenance sessions.

You have ceased tweezing, correct? What modality of electrolysis is your practitioner using,thermolysis, blend, galvanic(just curious)? Do you feel as if the hair is being tweezed? Do you see any improvement at all? Have you entertained the idea of finding a new electrologist?

I would love to take over and finish you off, as this makes me feel impatient,too. Thirty-two hours with weekly appointments is absurd.


i do not tweeze anymore, she switches back and forth between blend and flash, i personally like the results with flash, although i think it’s a bit more painful. i do see a signifigant difference, from the begining and lots of spaces. i do not feel any plucking while she is working on me. i am currently looking for someone else at this time, i just havent found anyone yet, i have an appointment with another electro in a few weeks because my current electro will be away. she always gives me extra time and it seems as though she truly cares and isnt after my $.

We had this same conversation back in Feb. or March?

There have got to be many electrologists to choose from in the Boston area. Please follow through and go on the hunt to sample other’s work. For the amount of hair you have described, I feel badly for you. Having spent over a $1,000, you should be in a much better place than this. Likabilty and extra time are very nice, but you are in this for permanent results on a time table that is reasonable. Though you haven’t completed that 9-12 month general estimate we all talk about around here, I suspect that you are way behind on schedule and shouldn’t be shaving at all at this point. Don’t procratinate now. Go to the phone and call around to get those samples treatments and compare.