Longer than 8 weeks between treatment?

Hi All,

I have had four laser treatments on my underarms and three so far on my bikini.

The last time I went the pain was Excruciating! I had never had it hurt so bad, and I used topical anesthetic. No exagerration, my bikini line was bruised YELLOW for 5 days afterward, also swollen, puffy, and sore. It was kind of freaky.

But this has been the best hair removal I’ve received so far. I was still growing alot of hair back after my first 2x on bikini and 3x on underarm, so she increased the joules (hence the pain). Anyways I’m about 6 weeks out from my last appointment and am still pretty hair free.

If I don’t feel I need another treatment within the next two weeks, will it set me back if I wait longer than 8 weeks between treatments??

Please advise!

Hello marie24,

I would suggest you to check the amount of visible hair you can see yourself, and if not too many it would be a good idea to delay another 2 weeks (i.e. 10 weeks gap). I got sent back once because I did not have enough hair to be treated. 10 weeks gap is a good time for me.


Hi Antony,

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. I don’t think my bikini line has quite enough yet to laser. It has been 6 weeks since my last treatment. This time before I had plenty of hair again at 6 weeks, so I’m hoping this sparseness is a good thing!

It seems like you may have had a few treatments yourself, how is LHR coming along for you?

I remember that after the first treatment, the result was so great, I was hair free for about 6 or 7 weeks. So later on, my appointments were changed to 10 weeks in gap. This depends from person to person.

I am very satisfied with LHR. Just that my skin in not white, and the re-growth hair were getting lighter…

Hi Antony,

Have you had success treating the finer hairs that you now have with LHR?

I got my back lasered once and it did Nothing for me. I have very fine hair on my back though. I want to try it again but am hesitant to waste another $200 for nothing, but I have no other options really.

The first 2 tx on my bikini weren’t that great, but by the third time (and the most painful time) I’ve been hairfree the longest now at almost 7 weeks. Just a few sparse hairs. So I 'm hoping if I try it again on my back I might get better results?

What has been your experience with the fine hair?

my fine hair responded reasonably well with Laser, (BUT not that efficient compared to thick ones), I then switched to electrolysis. I have black hair.

For some area, I am really happy with fine and sparse hair, I don’t really need 100% hair free in all area.

My suggestion is to choose a suitable Laser for your skin colour and hair colour.

Hey Ants,

According to what you said above, how can you find out which laser is best suitable for you?

Regards :0)