long vacations and electrolysis

hey everyone. how’s it going? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> ok i am in sort of a dilemma. around end of june/beginning of july, there is a possibility i will be going on a two month vacation to a place that i garantee does not have electrolysis. I started treatment in december and am currently near my 13th appointment (if i remember correctly). by end of june, i would be finishing 6th month of electrolysis treatment on side burns, chin and chest bone.

here’s the thing! i am scared that if i take a two month hiatis from electrolysis (that i was doing once a week), it would totally ruin my hairfree treatment plan and growth cycles and all that and when i come back and start again it would be like starting all over!

i am doing really good right now and the hairs are coming in slower, fewer and thinner.

please advice me on this situtation keeping in mind that if i do go on this particular vacation…1) it would be two months (most likely i cannot decrease this time) 2) this foriegn land does not have electrolysis garanteed.


Rachele: During the period I was having my body hair removed by electrolysis, I had no set schedule; and neither I nor my electrolygist noticed any set back in my removal progress. My advice is go on your vacation. Barrester

i agree! go on vacation and have fun. once the hairs are treated…and treated correctly…you should have little regrowth if any and unless there is an underlying hormone problem, you shouldn’t have any NEW hairs growing. shave for 2 months (as little as possible…NO PLUCKIN’) and then return to your regularly scheduled appts. when you get back. also…i’d be careful w/ laying out in the sun (if you’re going to be in a sunny enviornment). make sure you apply a good amount of sunblock to the treated areas.

Don’t worry about it, you will catch those hairs next year.

The only way you would have any problem is if you take a 2 month vacation every year at the same time, and never get treatment during those months.

I have two clients who illustrate this:

Client #1 started his eyebrown, but got transfered to another state and did not finish. He has clear brows every year for late spring and summer, but it grows back together for the winter, and magically opens back up for spring again like a curtain.

Client #2 did his back, but never came in from November to February. Although he is happy with what he has, what he has is no hair during spring and summer, and fall. During the winter he has some insignificant hairs spread out widely across the back. You can’t see them unless you are almost putting your nose on his skin.

thanks so much for the information. i have been really keen on keeping up with regular appointments and loving it! that even my vacation seems unimportant right now, but in case it does happen, at least i know what to expect and be a bit rest assured about the whole thing.

thanks james for those examples. really helped get the whole thing into personal perspective.

key things: shave or clip hairs and sun screen!! very important.

thanks again for all comments!