Long term side effects of laser

Is anyone else concerned about the long term side effects of laser hair removal?

I have been thinking about getting Lightsheer diode laser treatment for a few years now. I have had two consultations at separate places and asked about the safety of laser hair removal. Both consultants told me that it was 100% safe but neither of them could provide me with any evidence to back up their claims.

I decided to do some research for myself on the internet. I searched for sites about Lightsheer diode lasers, looking for anything that included the words like ‘safety’ and ‘side effects’. Most sites I found were about the short term problems – like rashes, redness and sometimes scars occurring. Other sites I read were written by companies that were trying to sell the idea so (as you would expect) they had nothing but good things to say about it- but again, no proof to back up their claims.

What I really want to know are things like:
How long has laser hair removal been around for (in particular Lightsheer diode laser)?
What kinds of tests are done before it is released to the public?
How many people is it tested on before it is released to the public?
How long are these people monitored for? Days, months or years?
Are there any known cases of people getting any form of cancer as a result of using laser?

Does anyone know where I can find the answers to these questions?

Like most people who have posted on this site, I would like to believe that laser will solve my unwanted hair problem. But I would also like to be certain that laser will not cause any serious health problems 10 years from now.

I’m not sure I can help you with your search for answers except to tell you that you might ask a dermatologist that doesn’t perform hair removal (no financial interest in laser)in your area to help you in your quest. And what ever you do, disregard any comments or reports offered up by ELECTROLOGISTS on this site. They tend to be a little “SKY IS FALLING” when it comes to lasers, and have an amazing amount of ulterior motives behind their comments.