long-term laser out comes

im 21 year old male and i have some butt hair and some lower back hair. i light skinned and dark haird but my hair on my back isnt all that thick. also i have some corse hair growing around my arm from my pit thats pretty black i was thinking about getting laser but i dont want to have to do it all my life(over and over again)so what do you guys think it laser for me? also does anyone have any long term sucsess storys about laserd hair ? thanks for the help

Billybob, you’ll probably need to have several laser treatments to see the maximum results, and there are no guarantees about the outcome. You can increase your chances of success by going to someone who is very experienced.

Hairfacts: Choosing a laser practitioner

After a course of laser treatments, you may still have hairs in the area. In many consumers, these hairs will be lighter in color and not as visible. For some this is an acceptable outcome. Others end up supplementing their laser work with electrolysis or a temporary method.

Bottom line, it can be a good option if you choose carefully and have realistic expectations.