long post lost to error message.....

OK, i’m a new member here, and (as i have little to do today) i’v been going over the posts ans such. i found this “survey” in the emotional support section.

i spent over 20 minutes giving a detailed response to each answerer (like i said, i have little to do today). i even typed my answerers out in Microsoft Word, then pasted, so i could use the spell check function. but, when i finally went to post, i got an error message, telling me that i could not post it, because i had gone over the boards limit of 8 emoticons per post. so, i backspaced, to remove some of them, but, when i did, the post was gone. so, 20 minutes, down the drain… i doubt i’ll attempt redoing it, i just don’t have that much invested in it.

i’m not bitching about this (well, i guess i am, but i’m trying to be constructive about it :grin: ). just, maybe you could fix it so we could enable more emots (for when the posts trail on a bit long) or, find some way that when an error message is displayed, it dose’nt’t spit the post out into the ether, never to be recovered.

i really do love this sight, Andrea, in fact you saved me from buying Kalo, and wasting god know show much before i would have found out it did’nt work. and, i plan to donate a little (cute cats, btw) when i get the spare cash… but damn, 20 minutes! i could have been watching cartoons & eating Cheeto’s sigh