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hello all i have been on this board since i started my electro journey i am now into 14 mos in. i have had a chin hair problem for about 9 years, i was constant plucker AM and PM, i couldn’t go anywhere without my make up mirror. i am hvaing my chin and neck worked on. i have been losing faith for sometime, but i keep sticking with it, my electrologist who is completly devoted has even given me a a free second appt every week. my story- i hve been having regular appts weekly for 14 mos, she switches between blend and flash. there has to be some improvement, my appts are shorter than when i started, use to be an hour and a half, now only 45 minutes. i can now go a day after with out shaving, i use to have to shave every day even after i just had a treatment the day before. i felt i should have been further along but i am glad to hear when people say it took them 18 mos or 2 years, i can only hope i am almost there!!! i feel as if i am destroyng my skin but keep with it but dream of the day when i can throw out my makeup mirror and stop hiding my chin. i have had my hormones checked and they are normal, i guess it comes from father’s greekness!! thanks for listening

hi, is the hair at least finer now? i mean before m assuming it used to be very course but what about now?..maybe you should ask her to increase the setting?

Dear Catchon,

Please read the following and let me know if I understand your situation.

You started electrolysis 14 months ago.
You have been going twice a week. Each appointment was 90 minutes. Each week you went for 180 minutes of electrolysis.

Now, you still go twice a week. Each appointment is now reduced to 45 minutes for a total of 90 minutes each week.

Are you currently taking any medications?

Have you been diagnosed with any conditions?

You went for hormone tests and they do not indicate any elevated androgens. Correct? Do you know what tests were done and by whom? The only physician I would recommend administering these tests are those who specialize in Reproductive Endocrinology - even if you are not trying to get pregnant. What country are you in? If in the US, what state?

You started with 3 hours of electrolysis each and every week, now you are down to an hour and a half every week and this work is all concentrated on your face? Correct? You are female, Yes? These are not peach fuzz hairs, correct?

These days I feel the need to ask the following question… was your electrologist trained in a school or did she/he purchase an epilator on ebay and decided to treat unwanted hair on others?

Is your electrologist Board Certified and with credentials from an organization like American Electrology Association?

What areas are your having treated?

Are there any areas that are completely hair free?

Does your electrologist scatter treatment or does he/she begin clearing areas methodically?

During electrolysis, do you ever feel as if you are being tweezed and if so, how often during the treatment do you feel so?

Did you discuss your concern with your electrologist?

Review all of the questions, respond to them, even if they seem redundant, and perhaps I or others can make suggestions that will help end your struggle with unwanted hair.


i was only going once a week in begining-
i couldnt afford 2x a week- @ one and half hours
now i go 2x a week- about 1/2 hr each time
no conditions, and i take bcp but the hair was an issue before hand
i went to my pcp and all levels were normal
female and not peach fuzz
she is baord certified and an instructor at a school registered cpe and mae
i have tried 2 other electros and they weren’t as good
chin and neck
some spots are cleared
no tweezing sensation
yes i have discussed with her my concerns

hopefully this info can help!

Dear Catchon,

You have areas that are completely hair free.
You appointments are getting shorter.
Sounds like progress to me.

Good luck! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />