long lasting results...

Dammitt… I’d really like to get this cleared up…

Is laser permanent or not???

There seems to be no end of people saying yes it is and no end of people saying no its not… Which is it??

I’ve just finished my fourth treatment… and have had some reduction… What im afraid of is that in a few years this will grow back to its original state… Thats the feeling ive been getting from this site…

But that doesnt make sense!!! The laser destroys the hair follicle… If hair returns, then is the hair follicle somehow mysteriously resurrected?

help me!!!

Laser works, but not for everyone. When it does not work, it is usually due to undertreatment, wrong skin/hair color, or the hair is too fine to be treated with the laser.

I don’t buy the theory that, when treated with laser, hair is going to mysteriously grow back years later. If regrowth is going to happen it will happen in a few months. If that theory were true, we would have a cure for male pattern baldness and bald men everywhere would be demanding that their scalps be zapped with laser.

Practitioner skill is of utmost importance.


Laser is what it is and you really don’t know what the outcome will be for you. You just have to spend the money, try it and wait and see. You might say it can be a bit of of a gamble. If you are a good candidate, if you are treated with the right kind of laser for your skin color, if the the practitioner is experienced and chooses enough power in those beginning sessions then you may feel the fabulous joy of success. Many on hairtell and other forums have shouted their successes and many haven’t. It is confusing and there is no yes or no answer to give you because all is not black or white with laser hair removal. All the laser choices are waiting for you out there if you want to try it, but do keep your expectations at a reasonable level because you may only get a small reduction of hair. If you get 90% reduction then you have hit the jack pot.

I’ve had people come to me mad as hell because they spent a lot of money for laser and have more hair than when they started. Because they are out of money, they expect me to clean up the mess real fast and ask for discounts to boot!

On the flip side, I’ve seen awesome results, however, a client may seek my services to clear the remaining light hairs that laser can’t touch.

I can understand your confusion, but again I say, laser just is what it is.

Lastly, if a hair follicle is damaged/destroyed, all the efforts the body puts forth to resurrect that follicle probably won’t be successful. However, you have neighbor hair follicles that may start spurting forth new hair. Life goes on so to speak. If you are a man, your hair pattern can keep popping bloomers into middle life. Yes, this can all be very frustrating, but God made us all tough right down to the last hair.


ok… well i guess iv responded fairly well… especially the legs… Any ballpark figure on how long it takes for ALL the hair to grow back to the state im going to be stuck with?.. Im told 8 weeks… but it seems that its only just beggining to return at that point…

If you really need to hear a ballpark figure, then 6-13 weeks could be a safe window. Hair growth cycles can be difficult to pin down as there are many variables that we have to deal with.

It’s eight weeks for me. It may vary some from person to person.



I had 9-10 treatments on my face with Lightsheer Laser.
The results were not completely satisfactory since I still had a lot of dark regrowths and some grey/white ones.
Using my upper lip as a guage, I could count a lot of dark regrowths.

Since then I have undergone 84 hours of electrolysis and that is working for me, but took a while till I was completely happy with the results. I need total clearance for my face rather than just reduction. I don’t think it was a complete waste however since it probably reduced the amount of electrolysis hours in the long run. I would say my beard was fairly heavy to begin with, but not extreme.
Now on my upper lip if I let it grow for 4-5 days, I get a very few,much thinner dark hairs growing, perhaps 5-6 tops,
and widely scattered.

I have recently begun laser treatment on my hands and arms. So far, so good after 3 treatments. My goal here is reduction rather than total removal. So far I am satisfied with the treatment for my arms.


ok… im 22… had a little reduction with laser… the hair follecules that died arent coming back im assuming… but your saying that there will be more hair growth later in life… if so how much am i to expect? and why?

I’ve had people come to me mad as hell because they spent a lot of money for laser and have more hair than when they started.

I would be one of those people who experienced triggered hair growth within 2-6 months after laser treatment. After 6-12 months, the growth has appeared to stabilize. I intended to remove or reduce the hair on the nape of my neck, so that it didn’t look bad in between haircuts. Now, I have to shave my neck every few days in order to keep the area looking clean.

In addition, I have a few hundred wiry hairs on my upper arms, where I was treated ONCE to see if the laser would have an effect on my keratosis pilaris (bumpy spots on the back of arms).

I will not be experimenting with other laser models or practitioners. I intend to have those areas treated with electrolysis to get back to the point where I was before I started the laser thing two years ago. I have not yet done so due to time factors, but begin a new semester at school in a few weeks, and would like to make room for it in my schedule.


this usually happens when you are being undertreated. you should ask to increase the settings.

this usually happens when you are being undertreated. you should ask to increase the settings.

One time I had a substitute laser tech and I was undertreated. I mentioned that fact and my next treatment was free. The fact that I had great results from previous treatments worked in my favor.


how much was each treatment for you people and where are you located? can you tell me please so i have something to go off ?

Price for each visit:
Total so far:
Dr name:

do you people have any pictures?
if so do you have before/after?

prices vary and depend on the area treated. if you specify exact areas you are asking about, we could give you price estimates. of course, many places give discounts for packages etc and prices vary depending on the clinic