long hair

How long does the hair have to be to epilate? Do you have to wait until it becomes all stubly and gross?


When you wax or Epilate, the new hair is very thin and you will never get stubs like you do when shaving.
Having said that, the hair folicule must be at least 1mm long for the tweezer to be able to grab each hair folicule.

So, I guess it depends on your definition of gross?

Thanks Aguila,
Thats not really long at all so im happy. :)I’m going to go buy one this week or next. Thanks for the help


Keep us infromed on your progress,ok?

oh yea i forgot to ask but i heard that epilators give you ingrown hairs should i buy anything else like exfolitaing body scrub along with my epilator to help the ingrown hairs?


Try exfoilating with a natural sponge and soap.
On every place you epilate, while in the shower, you sponge against the hair direction for a few minutes on each area and after use aloe or similar to moistrize the area. This should greatly help in reducing ingrowns.