LOL at myself

I had my first lightsheer treatment about a month ago. The hair was shedding well and I was starting to see and feel some bald spots. The past week or so, I have been feeling my face and I kept feeling all of these places that still have hair. I never got up and looked at it and when I was near a mirror, I never thought about it. But, every time I would feel that hair, I would get so mad because I thought the nurse/laser tech had done a really patchy job.

Well, I finally got up and looked at it. All the hair I am feeling is totally white. :roll_eyes:

When the black hair goes, the white hair that is left is more noticeable. And there is more of it than you think. That why I believe that you shouldn’t wait too long to get laser treatments. Get 'em while they are still dark! Lightsheer does not work on white hair. Aurora may work on white hair, jury is still out on that. Electrolysis will get the white hairs.


I’ll second what was said about the Mach 3 Turbo.

If you go with the Turbo, use a good shave gel like Edge Pro Gel for Tough Beards. My favorite is Moore Unique Hydroglide shaving solution mixed with Aveeno Positively Smooth gel. The Hydroglide solution can be found at

The best electric shaver (I’ve tried them all) is the Braun Syncro 7526 or 7505. A heavy beard will ruin the screen on most electrics very quickly, but not the Braun.

Hope this helps.