Logo "Schmogo"

The AEA is doing some revisions and Patsy had me try to find my original EPS (Illustrator) drawings. I know I have them … but stored in my garage someplace. Luckily, Patsy found the original (dithered) versions and they were large enough for the use they want. (The EPS/post script versions could be enlarged to any size zero no loss of clarity.)

Anyway, I fiddled a bit with these to improve them; and here they are. If you are a CPE, or AEA member, or on the Council, you can (should) copy these newer drawings and put them in your website (or other uses).

Of course, don’t use them if you’re not in the AEA or have a CPE … doing that would be very “naughty!”

I placed these here fore your convenience. I hope this helps. Yes, I have a lot of fun drawing these too … “labor of fun?”