Loads of Questions!!


Hi All. Just new here, this site is fab!! I have a few questions. I’ve been having electrolysis on upper lip for about 11 months. It was nearly clear and I decided to save money I’d buy this ‘Elysee E-Pen’ which claims to remove hair permanently - u actually just end up aimlessly plucking the hair out and it grows back quicker. Binned that and started back with electrolysis last nite. BUT i want to get laser on upper lip and fe chin whiskers instead. Dont know anything about it except I heard its permanent and hair is gone forever. THats what I thought til my electrolysist told me last nite that its not!!! Please help. I dont want to keep getting electrolysis for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! ANy help greatly appreciated. :wink:


Electrolysis is the one proven permanent hair removal method. LASER is not recommended on the face, and it is also harder to target just a few hairs with LASER.

I would keep with electrolysis, and just make sure you are on the right treatment level and frequency. You are always free to find another electrolysis operator. It sounds like you are almost there with your treatment, but you may find you need another 6 months to be fully treated. I am sure your sessions are now shorter and less frequent than when you first started, right?

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Just one more question!! I suffer from coldsores and I find that whenever I go for an electrolysis treatment and my therapist treats a certain area on my upper lip, I get a coldsore. I have to ask her to stay off that area but now im nearing the end of my treatment and cant leave this little tuft there!! I know if she goes near this area I’ll get a coldsore. Is there any way to prevent it? One electrolysist told me that the current should kill the colsore (doesnt work for me!!) and another told me it could stimulate it. Thanks!!


I have no direct experience of cold sores myself, so I cannot say what may be causing the flare-up. I can only suggest a coldsore cream before and after treatment. If you want to be rid of the hair, you are going to have to bite the bullet and possibly get a cold sore… but it will go away, won’t it…? the hair won’t go by itself…