Livermore: Jane's Electroysis

Jane’s Electrology<br>
Jane Walsh, RE
<p> 1923 Federal Road<br>
Route 4 <br>
Livermore, ME 04253<br>
(207) 897-7189
<p> Description of Practice:
<p align=“center”><font size=“5”>LIBERATE YOURSELF!!! Become hairfree and

<p align=“left”>15 minutes from Auburn<br>
15 minutes from Jay/Livermore Falls area<br>
15 minutes from Buckfield<br>
And not far from Farmington!!!<br>
Call for appointment-flexible scheduling<br>
Jane’s Electrology of Livermore is owned and operated by Jane Walsh, Registered
Electrologist. The office has a relaxed atmosphere offering relaxing music for
comfort during electrology treatment. Jane uses sterilized disposable stainless
steele and gold-plated probes which allow for the most precision. Privacy and
confidentiality is always practiced at Jane’s Electrology. <br>
After an initial free consultation Jane works with each client to establish
an individualized treatment plan. At Jane’s you will find a lot of empathy towards
your concerns about electrolosis, as well as problems related to unwanted facial
and body hair. <br>
Women-Men-Teens-All ages welcome <br>
Ample Parking