live chat forums


Was just wondering if there were any chat rooms or other areas where you could discus laser hair removal. i really like this forum, but would really like to be able to chat live with people.
can anyone help me on this?

             many thanks

maybe we can make one or dedicate it in yahoo!! it would be popular if we did!

This is a good idea, but in the past, live chat rooms got taken over by scammers, and there’s no way I can moderate a live forum at this time. It’s enough to make sure everyone is playing nice here!

I also want there to be a record of conversations for everyone, and not just the people who happened to be chatting.

For those who want to give it a whirl, there are places where you can set up liove chat rooms, but i am not familiar with the procedures. Let me know if you do!

The yahoo group started by Johnny Longer has chat capabilities already. I don’t know if anyone is availing themselves of that option.

How do I get into the Yahoo group? Is there any particular software I need to install first?