List of Electrologist Directories

Andrea, I remember seeing a post with links to several directories listing electrologists, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. :confused: Please help.

Here’s a few places to start your research:

Defunct - left for archival purposes

[electrolysisreferral dot com/elintro.htm]
[hairremovalpros dot com]
[wrope dot com/]
[igpe dot org/consumer/find_electrologist.asp]

please recommend any good electrologist in seoul, south korea.

We wouldnt have any. We dont for all places.

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thanks Iluv2zap for your kind reply, do you know anyone in tokyo japan and in pakistan?

There should be many in Tokyo - Pakistan, too. My Pakastani client was well pleased with her electrologist in Pakistan, but she lived there several years ago. Just do an internet search. If you find someone good, please come here and let the world know!

thanks deedra , actually i visited few electrologists in pakistan but they were not so much good at that, they were slow, etc. i had my first two sittings done when i were in germany and my electrologist was dr beate and she was amazing. i came to know about her through hairtell. that why i am asking here if any one knows a certified expert one in tokyo or in pak. actually i am in korea right now and will move to pak by the end of this year.

also can you please ask your pakistani client about her electrologist, i mean his/her name and location. best regards.

Dr Beate is indeed a highly qualified and skilled professional electrologist. We dont get a ton of traffic on hairtell from pakistan however, so that’s why I was saying we may not know. The same holds true for Japan.Actually many of the listings on here stretch back 15 or more years, and in many cases practices have opened or ceased operation in that time, especially true for remote or obscure locations. It would be a mammoth task to now go through and verify the accuracy of all the listings worldwide. So pretty much if we personally know of someone good in a location we usually know off the top of our heads, but when its a less common location we may or may not know.

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Hello Dee, I am from Cleveland OH. Would you recommed anyone in the Cle area within 25-30 miles ?

Hello Dee, I am from the CLE OH area. Would you recommend anyone in Cleveland- Akron area?

Please does anyone have any contact for Josefa Reina (electrologist) from Malaga, Spain. Thank you.

Dear Andrea, please do you have any contact for Josefa Reina (electrologist) from Malaga, Spain please?

You dont look very hard.Try the email listed in her profile. We arent permitted to provide you any other contact, unfortunately as Josefa’s friend I need to respect her privacy.As far as I know, she doesnt accept clients from the internet anymore due to some unfortunate experiences.

You can contact her via the information in her profile here or via the information on her YouTube channel.