Liquid Electrolysis - Anyone try it?

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It doesn’t work. Save your $99.00 or $400 depending on what size bottle you purchase.

Their reference to sodium hydroxide (NAOH) does work, HOWEVER, it needs to be made down in the hair follicle. Of course, they would never explain that part of the equation to you. That’s why we electrologists use a probe to deliver AC and DC energy to the bottom of the hair follicle (BELOW THE SKIN) when using the blend modality. If your electrologist does blend, she/he is making lye, sodium hydroxide, or microscopic Drano as I like to call it, to destroy the tissue that feeds the hair. There is no way that an application of sodium hydroxide can be delivered by rubbing it on top the skin in porportions great enough to destroy hair growing tissue. You need a probe to go under the skin and get that hair. That’s like asking a surgeon to remove your appendix by rubbing a medicine on top the abdomen.

Come on hairy ones!!! Don’t enrich the scammers at Global Electrolysis. Don’t chase your tail and waste your money with hair removal. If you want it gone permanently, think probe electrolysis. Laser may be helpful,too, depending on body location and candidate. The two modalities in combination can really be awesome, for some cases.


Oh, one more thing. I sure would like the names and credentials of doctors and electrologists that they say have endorsed this crap. Bet you $5.00 they won’t pony up with the names because they know they’re scamming you.

I am so sick of crap that doesn’t work! I have tried just about everything out there and even tried laser surgery only to be told it “must be hormonal, go get your blood checked”… I am looking for something that works! It has to be out here somewhere!