i have a question about lineance faical hair removal cream.
when you use this cream, how does it work and when the hair starts to regrow does it grow back thicker and more noticable?.
thanks very much for any answers

These types of products work by mixing lye with emollients and hoping that you can break down the hair quicker than you can destroy the surface skin. Keep in mind that skin and hair are made of the same thing, and hair is thicker and stronger than skin.

It is like drying to melt ice without disturbing the water vapor around it.

frequently, the result of depilitory treatment is thicker and or more hair because the reocurring irritation caused by use of these creams leads to more blood flow in the target area, and blood is to hair like fertilizer to grass. This also explains why body parts that spend time in casts develope thicker, and or more hair. The constant irritation of the rubbing of the plaster cast leads to more and thicker hairs.

is this really true…i mean we spend so much time on this forum trying to debunk claims that aren’t proven…will friction (or irritation) really increase hair growth because of increased blood supply…well here is an interesting link…