lil worried after 1st treament

Hey everyone,

I got my first treatment 3 weeks ago on my lower legs using the Alexandrite Gentlelase. I’m of olive complexion categorized as a type 4, and the technician used 18j on me. Alot of my hair has come out but there are many areas where the hair has stopped growing just underneath the first layer of skin. I noticed this after the first week and decided to wait hoping those hairs would eventually grow out but the hair isn’t growing and I can’t get the hairs with my tweezers either.
I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Will these hairs just stay in my skin or will they eventually fall out or get zapped out with another treatment?


Okay I performed a search and found an answer to relieve for the present time. I just wanted to know that for those of you who have had “hair dots” do they all go away eventaully or are some still existing. How long did it take to go away? And is it possible that they can be permanent you’ll have to have some kind of surgury? A reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

They do go away :smile: .
The thing is… I get the impression that they are hairs that were “killed” when still not making it to the surface, and since they are “dead” and do not grow more, some remain inside the body for a long while.
I found that they eventually came out either after scrubing my skin, and/or, when I GENTLY squeezed the skin around them. BUT BE careful when doing that, or you might end up irritating badly your skin or hurting yourself.

Your description of what going with me is right on the dot. :smile: I’m pretty sure their the dead ones because a few of them are coming out with exfoliation and squeezing but most of them are just there and won’t do anything. I’m scared that no new hair will push them out and those spots will exist for eternity. The purpose of LHR for me was 1.) smooth skin and 2.)so I can wear shorts, shirts and dresses without unsitely stubble for the first time in my life. My boyfriend is in Florida right now on vacation and he just told me he’s bought me all kinds summerwear. Ooh if I could be completely hairfree and dot free for even a short period of time so I could wear his gifts, this would be totally worth it for me.
Sorry guys for unloading my troubles, I just needed to let some stuff out.

I have the same problem. I’m coming up on 4 weeks since I had my first laser, and only a very little bit of hair has fallen out. The rest seems “dead” but is dotting my very pale legs. Also, I have lots of ingrown hairs that don’t seem to be responding to tend skin, so I have raised bumps that are red all over the place. My legs look terrible. Do I have to just keep waiting? Will this ever get better?

Just this weekend I pretty much stumbled upon something that helped me, so I’ll share in the hope that it can help someone else.

My husband had bought me some wonderful moisturizing aromatherapy mineral bath packets (Aura Cacia is the brand), so I decided to have a nice soak in the tub. I could tell that the bath salts were having a very positive effect in the way of moisturizing my winter dry legs – especially the lower legs. I keep a tub of Crisco in the bathroom that I use for moisturizing, and when I got out of the bath I slathered it on and was rubbing it into my legs vigorously, trying to seal in the benefit of the bath salts. I then noticed that LOTS of old hairs were being exfoliated/removed as I rubbed.

(I then tried the Crisco on the bikini area, but it didn’t seem to be as effective for removing the hairs there.)

Its been three weeks since my last laser treatment on the lower legs/bikini area. You can bet that I’ll be sure to try this on my legs again a week or so after my next laser treatment.

The hairs will work themselves out eventually. If you don’t have scabs you can always try a loofah 3-7 days after treatment.


HI Beaner
Just a line to let you know not to worry , I still had hairs falling out 6 weeks after my treatment. I find a work out then hot bath works wonders, but not until a couple of weeks after the treatment.Go easy with any scrubing it ofen just irritates damaged skin and ends up taking longer to heal though some times it did seem to be require. Try a small area and see how you respond. I know it appears unsitely but it seems to be part of the process.Good look!