Has anyone in the UK tried LightTouch (The machine before that was called “SkinSoft”)

What areas did you have done and how many treatments did it take?

People in America are lucky to have the FDA: over here in England we dont have that! What does the FDA say about LightTouch machine?

What makes this LIGHTTOUCH machine different and better than other machines eg Epilight, Aclight? etc… is Lighttouch a laser or is it an IPL system?

I would be very grateful for everyone’s feedback because I am strongly considering having LightTouch done on my lowerback, buttocks and stomach

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of this system. If you are interested in the FDA’s clearance you can go to the following website: You type in the name of the machine that you are interested in and it will tell you what the FDA has cleared it for - hair removal or permanent hair reduction. Make sure you receive your treatment with a system that has been cleared for permanent hair reduction.

Good luck.

but LightTouch was nowhere to be found :frowning: !