Lightspeed / Epi-center Hair Removal Centers

Does anyone have any inof/comments/complaints about Lightspeed / Epi-center Hair Removal Centers (located in several cites)? I think it’s just one company with 2 names and 2 different websites:

The marketing sounds a bit too slick that makes me a little suspicious.

Has anyone had any experiences with them? I am from Ft Lauderdale and they have a center here.
On a related note, can anyone recommend an electrolysis and/or laser center in the South Florida area for treating facial hair?


Epi-centers is a similar business as Lightspeed-Electrology. I believe that Epi-Center has based its business model on Lightspeed, which was around first.

I’m not a huge fan of Lasertrolyis of Naples, because it’s run by a dude named Wally Roberts. He’s a big promotor of selling lasers to anyone who goes through a training program like his, and I don’t feel that’s enough training for use of a medical device like this.

They’re both OK, but they might overhype your potential results a bit. Try to help them to a guarantee of some sort.

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