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I am about to go in for a consultation at LightSpeed Electrology, they have many offices across the US, and I was wondering if anybody knew anything about them. I want to go in there knowing enough about them so they will not try to give me false information, and I will also be posting up here there price quotes and everything so people can help me and let me know if I am getting ripped off. They use the LightSheer Diode laser, and claim they house some of the best professionals who have logged many hours with the previous LightSheer laser and the new one. Any info you can give me on them would be appreciated. Thanks

LightSpeed Electrology has been around for many years and is one of several “Lasertrolysis Institutes” offering one-week training programs for those interested in offering laser hair removal.

They have experience, to be sure. Unfortunately, a couple of the key players are a little overexuberant at times with the promotion of lasers, even making up the fake word lasertrolysis, a confusing term that blurs important distinctions between laser and electrolysis.

That said, they are in cohoots with several laser manufacturers and probably have pretty up-to-date lasers and equipment. They do a lot of training, which would imply they have more experience than most. If you see her, tell Alison Sahoo I said hi and that I’m glad she’s toned down her marketing hype a bit. You know how those MBA types can get! :roll_eyes:

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Definitely let us know how it goes!

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