LightSheerXC treatments: Is the LASER being set correctly?


I am being treated in Northern California at a clinic using a LightSheer XC. My goal is to permanently reduce all hair on my upper body. After 4 treatments, I have a feeling that the technicians are using “low” settings which might be safe, but will take many sessions (which I can’t affort) to get results. If you have experience with LightSheerXC settings, please let me know if I’m on the right course.

My summary:

38 year old male, type III skin, black hair, currently not tanned

Four Treatments so far (I can get more detailed info if the following is not complete)I’m on a pay-as-you go plan, (no packages)

1 full back with GentleLase (setting 30J, timing = 3 ms?)
1 full back with LightSheer XC (setting 17J, not sure about timing but the technician mentioned the “Auto” setting)
2 full chest, abs, arms both with LightSheer XC (setting: first treatment 15J, second treatment 16J not sure about timing)

The hair on my chest and abdomen seem to grow back too quickly (5 weeks). My back takes about 8-9 weeks. The regrowth is thinner but there are no bald patches.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hmmm…I am not sure how it is for men, but the setting do seem pretty low. I am also using LightSheer XC and they are using higher Joules. On my second leg treatment, they used 36 J (I am a skin type IV, no tan). They were pretty conservative on my first treatment to ensure that I don’t get hyperpigmentation or bad reactions. Since I had no problems, they up-ed the Joule settings.

As for auto, I think that’s a bit a stronger. Like when my nurse uses auto, the Joules will be a bit lower (and vice versa). She actually let me try out the different settings to see how I feel. So like without auto, at 30 Joules, it acutally hurts less than than 26 Joules on auto. I believe higher Joules are more effective in killing hair, but only to the point where you are still able to endure the pain. You might want to talk to your RN abou this.

Good luck!

Settings used for LightSheer are usually 25-45 joules on average. anything under 20 is very low. I would definitely request to up the settings, especially on a man’s back. GentleLASE settings that you mention are pretty high. How were the results after that treatment? GentleLASE varies 14-30 joules or so on average.

Thanks for the replies!

I was very happy with the GentleLASE treatment: minimum discomfort and no regrowth for 10 weeks. This was done in another city. My problem is that in Northern California all GentleLASE clinics require about $800 per treatment for a man’s back and insist on packages. I switched to LightSheer based on cost (approximately $400/session)

Based on the two responses so far sounds like my current clinic is undertreating so I might go back to GentleLASE or try to find another LightSheer operator whom can administer higher joules safely.

Those Lightsheer settings are way too low for effective hair reduction! You are being undertreated. I would ask for a refund if they won’t use higher fluences.

No wonder people are disappointed with laser! It just goes to show you that the skill and competence of the practitioner is just as important as the machine.

The Gentlelase can work for your skin type, but as the hair gets finer you will experiene diminishing returns and will need a more advanced laser like the Lightsheer.

I had a Lightsheer treatment from a substitute technician on my arms at 28J and it did absolutely nothing. My next treatment, at 45J, was free. I had very successful Lightsheer treatments between 40-50J on my upper body.

If you get Lightsheer treatments, make sure they use compression. And for finer hairs they should use longer pulse widths (100ms or longer) at higher fluences. I found the best combination for chest hair (previously treated with the Apogee) to be 50J at 100ms. The results were amazing.


I found a good GentleLASE doctor through the Candela (the manufacturer) provider search on their website. Try that. Maybe you can find better prices. good luck.


I am currently getting treatment with the Lightsheer for my hands and wrists at 34 joules. If you don’t have any bad reactions then they could probably up your settings. She looks for popping and smudging during treatment. Too high a treatment setting could burn you however. Stay out of the sun afterwards too.


Thanks to everyone who replied. Just a quick follow-up with LightSheer XC settings:

Treatment 1, full back/shoulders: 17J, timing Auto
Treatment 2, Chest/Abs/upper arms: 15J, timing Auto
Treatment 3: Chect/Abs/upper arms: 15J, 16J timing Auto

I think the conclusion is that I was ripped off for $1000.
The clinic is in downtown San Francisco, avoid it if you can or be more informed than I was before going in.

I would try to get them to redo the treatments for free at higher settings.

I would try to get them to redo the treatments for free at higher settings.

I agree, those settings were way too low!