I have had a few treatments with Epilight and although the hair does fall out, I have found that the longterm results have not been there. Another clinic in my area uses Lightsheer and I would like to know if anyone has used Lightsheer and what their longterm results have been with it. Thanks

I don’t know but I am starting lightsheer treatment. I am going to do 5 treatments on back/shoulders and see where I am at.

When you talk about long term results “not being there”, could you be more descriptive? Did you notice regrowth after a few weeks or was it months? What percentage came back? Was it finer and lighter? Thanks.

I have had 4 treatments. The hair completely fell out after about 2 weeks and didn’t grow back for 2-3 months. But the results I expected after spending that amount of money have come up short. It’s hard to tell exactly, but from what I can tell, the reduction in the amount of hair has been minimal. It may be a little finer but not enough that I would really be able to say for sure. My expectation was that after 4 treatments (underarms and bikini) the regrowth would have been significantly reduced.

I’m planning on having 4 treatments on my beard with the Aurora, and then monitoring the results for at least six months. I should be seeing the shedding from my 3rd treatment this week. Thanks for sharing your results, and good luck.


If you have pre treatment pictures, I’ve found that comparing those to your final outcome is surprising. Having regrowth is a drag, especially after getting used to being so smooth, but looking at the before pictures confirms that the situation has improved drastically (for me at least).

So far, I’m very happy, and the doctor did take photos at the begining, so we’ll see. What I wish I had done was to make a 1 cm. square template, and counted hairs in a few places. That is the best way to compare, I think.