Hi, I have an appoinment to get a full brazillian done with the lightsheer diode E C. I was wanting to hear from people that have had treatmenst with this machine. How long it’s been since your last treament and if the hair has stayed away and all the details of what you did(i.e, how many treatments, how much hair is still gone, how much has grown back and it’s consitency). I have had 7 electrolysis appoinments and have had good results.(each time clearing the upper area) One each month for the last 7 months, I just can’t handle the pain for that long in the lower bikini area. Thanks for any info you can give me.

Hi lookin 2b hairfree,

I have had 3 treatments so far with the lightsheer, with VERY good results. Not on my bikini line, but on my whole legs which had “pubic hair” down my thighs. Lovely…

The coarse dark hair seems to respond extremely well, with what I would estimate to be about a 95% clearance after just 3 treatments. My therapist uses 55 joules on me, as I have lilly white skin and jet black hair, so a good combination for the lightsheer. The hair remaining looks a lot finer, though I don’t know if it has become finer, or if there were fine ones there before which I just never noticed for all the thick coarse ones…??? :confused:

It is quite painful as it is obviously a rather tender area, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that every sting you feel is a few hairs exploding that will never bother you again… :grin: very satisfying…

Overall a great result, and I’m sure you would be happy if your results are anything like mine. They do suggest 5-6 treatments for a full course, but make sure you get a good therapist, as they make all the difference. Get a bad one, and you might as well flush your money down the sewer.

Best of luck! :relaxed: