Lightsheer XC treatments

Hi everyone,
So Back in college I had 2 Lightsheer treatments, and the results were “so good” (as determined by the dr.) that he said I didnt need a third. Well, a couple months later the hair came back slowly but surely. After another couple years of simply shaving/tweezing, I decided to get some more treatments in the DC area (Alase, if youve heard of it). Well, I signed up for three treatments, did them all over the course of about 18 months (I travel a lot for my job, so it was tough to do it in regular intervals), and here I am a couple years later with the same predicament. Hair seems to be growing strong as ever, the only thing thats different is the amount of money in my account.
I’m debating getting another treatment so I can at least have some clear skin for the summer time, but wondering if it’s even worth it to go back.

BTW, the area I had done is shoulders and upper back. I have a moderately fair skintone in the winter months,with really dark hair. Any advice would be great.

Thanks much.

I’m not surprised at your results. You need 5 or more treatments, spaced about 5 to 8 weeks apart. Using your schedule can only lead to disappointment.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Male/female, skin type, age, laser used if known etc.

While your previous sessions were not at structured intervals, was any hair reduction achieved? I realize this can be hard to objectively. Did you take any photos or count hair before your treatment?

Also, for example, as we age from 22 to 26 years old you will grow more hair even if had had complete removal at age 21.