Lightsheer XC on Skin Type II?

Hi Guys,

So I am interested in having some laser hair removal done on my legs (mainly for a reduction rather than complete removal) There is a place near my house that is offering a special of full legs for $299/treatment. However, they use a lightsheer XC, and I know that from these forums, an alexandrite like GentleLase is best for me for being a skin type II. My dermatologist uses a GentleLase in which I’ve seen good results in other places, but she is also quite expensive, so I’m looking for something a bit cheaper. This place I’m looking at charges $150 for a consultation but they will credit the 150 towards any treatment I want if I decide to do it. I’m unsure if I should do the consultation (if Lightsheer XC is a decent laser or not) or whether I should look elsewhere for an alexandrite laser (preferably GentleLase) but here in San Diego, laser treatments tend to be bit more expensive.

LightSheer is fine provided they know how to use it, but I wouldn’t pay a $150 consultation fee to find out! That’s absurd. I wouldn’t go there. Besides, you need to be going around to various clinics to find the most competent technicians.

I would run a search here for more clinics in your area. Also checkout the Candela website for practitioners offering GentleLase.

Keep in mind that prices can sometimes be negotiable. Let them know you’re educated in the process, and that you’re shopping around. That can’t hurt.

Also, make sure your hair is dark and coarse. Lots of folks (especially women) don’t have that kind of hair on upper legs.

LightSheer XC is a good newer model. If they know how to use it well, you’ll get good results with it. The problem is that you have to pay $150 it seems to find out if they know how to use it. LightSheer is more difficult to operate than GentleLASE, so expertise is key.

The name of the place is called Laser Clinique. They seem to have very positive reviews online, but that’s about all I know about the place. Since it’s been around since 2005, I’m guessing it must be somewhat legitimate haha. I don’t really like the idea of paying $150 for a consultation but it looks like I don’t have a choice. The thought of only paying $299 for full legs is very tempting. If I do the consultation, what sorts of settings on the XC are considered “good?”