lightsheer waveleangth

what’s the difference between the lightsheer wavelengths?
auto, 30ms, 100ms…?

which is best for what?


Lightsheer wavelength is 810nm. It penetrates deeper than an alex (755nm) but not as deep as a Nd:YAG (1064nm). It has a higher absorption by melanin than the Nd:YAG, but not as high as the alex.

The ms is the pulse width or duration, in ms. Lower pulse widths are more aggressive than longer ones. Pulse width and fluence are adjusted according to the skin type. When a longer pulse width is used, higher fluence settings can be used.

I had the best results on dark, fine hair with longer pulsewidths (100ms) and higher fluence (50J). A good practitioner should be able to determine the right combination to use.