Lightsheer vs IPL


I need some advice as to which is more effective as between the Lightsheer diode and Palomar’s IPL system.

I’ve had two previous treatments for back/shoulders/chest using the Lightsheer, and had booked in my 3rd appointment for today (back)and tomorrow (front).

I received a call during the week from the clinic and was told that I would be treated by a different technician, which I said was fine.

So I turned up to the clinic today, and instead of the Lightsheer, they had a new IPL system.

I was a bit hesitant (especially since I had gone there expecting the Lightsheer, and because I had read that IPL is not effective long term), but the technician explained that they were phasing out the Lightsheer in favour of the IPL, and that the IPL would be every bit as effective as the Lightsheer. (However, I managed to probe long enough to find out that the main reason for the change was that the IPL machine allows them to do more non-hair related procedures.)

The treatment went a lot more quickly (due to the larger spot size), and while it was about the same level of discomfort, the area does not seem as red now as under the Lightsheer, and is not as uncomfortable afterwards.

I’m probably going to go back tomorrow and get the front treated with the same machine, and will monitor the level of regrowth over the next few weeks … But I’m more interested in what people know about the long term effectiveness as between the two systems.

The technician who was treating me has moved to a clinic that is also fairly accessible for me, and presumably the centre is still using the Lightsheer in some of its clinics, if they are still in the ‘phasing out’ process. And I’m certainly willing to travel an extra bit to get good results (especially since I’m paying $1300 per treatment for front and back).

If it helps, I have very white skin and very dark coarse hair (well, it was coarse, the regrowth has been much less so).

Thank you in advance for replies, and sorry for the long post!


Since almost all the hair I have left on my chest back and upper arms is very fine, I am getting treated with the Aurora IPL/RF system. It is too early to tell anything about long term results, but I have less post treatment redness and it goes away faster. Time will tell. I am haveing the white hairs on my chest treated with electrolysis and I think they are almost all gone, that is unless any dormant white hairs come to life. If they do, they’re history.

I actually had both IPL and electrolysis yesterday, but on different areas.



I would not be happy about a change in devices, especially a newer one with limited long-term data. I’d probably complain a bit about the old bait and switch.

The fact that it’s both a new device and a new practitioner adds too many variables. I would consider both changes together unacceptable if I were you.