LightSheer vs Alexandrite


Hi All:

Well, it’s been two months since my first treatment to back and shoulders with the LightSheer (35J) and compared to even 1 month post 3 treatments with the Apogee (alexandrite-32J) there is very little regrowth (~10%) and what has regrown is very fine and light. Hard to see. I have to say I’m very pleased with the LightSheer. After 3 treatments with the Apogee there was MAYBE 20-30% reduction but the hair came back as thick and dark as before and it was almost like I’d had nothing done. There are all sorts of variables there too, of course, but still.

So far my chest and stomach (1 1/2 wks post LightSheer 26J) are very pimply and irritated, but the hair is starting to fall out. I feel almost like an teenager again with pimples all over my chest. I just hope it doesn’t grow back patchy.


P.S. Also, from what I read on PubMed about the SpaTouch, it doesn’t seem to be very effective.


Glad to hear the good results (except the side effects)! Were both lasers used by the same person? I am of theopinion that operator skill is an important factor as well.

SpaTouch is cleared for home use because it is very low-powered-- too low to cause a permanent result.


Hey Andrea:

No they weren’t the same people or places. The place with the Apogee had a new laser (the 9000) that I was treated with once, but it kept “going down” and so they treated me with the old Apogee, which really didn’t seem to do a good job. The tech was pretty experience though. It seems that Advanced Laser Clinics is actually motivated to make sure you’re hair free, as they have a guarantee. Their machines never, “go down”.

I would be interested to see if anyone else has had similar experiences with the two lasers. And has anyone experience significant regrowth with LightSheer after a couple of months? Vulpe posted some good pics, but we haven’t heard anything lately. I’ll try to post some pics soon too. More longterm followup, even anecdotal, is interesting.



The Apogee worked well for me, but the Lightsheer worked better, especially on later followup treatments on fine hairs. The Apogee did seem to break down a lot too. The Lightsheer never did. It is claimed that diode lasers are more reliable.



I have used Light Sheer on my lower legs for 6 treatments over the past 2.5 years. The results have been great. In some areas I have no hair, in others, there is a light hair which is really not visible unless I look at my leg closely under the light. There are a few stubborn dark hairs, but I probably could count them if I wanted to. It is amazing. I wish I had money to continue zapping the hairs, but I am moving on to the upper legs which is more costly.
I have been researching the best laser and it sounds like I have been using it? I was thinking of switching to another alexandrite laser because the doctor has better rates, but now I am wondering if it is worth it. Sounds like from Serg’s experience Light Sheer works best?


I have been doing some research calling different places and finding out what the technicians or nurses have to say about the two lasers. One interesting thing is that in one place they use both the Diode and the Alexandrite. If I remember correctly, the Diode is better for the dark courser hairs, and as you progress in treatments, they change to the Alexandrite. They feel it works better with the lighter hairs. I have had 6 treatments with the diode Light Sheer. The first 3 treatments the hair grew back dark. Each time a bit finer. I think after the 4th treatment is when I really saw the results. I had bald patches.
Another interesting note, with the place where they only use the alexandrite, they don’t recommend using emla because they say it can cause problems, bad reactions.
Anyway, I will keep reporting on my findings. Maybe someone else can follow up if they have heard the same as me or something totally different.
Oh yes, I also was told that the Alexandrite hurts more than the diode.


I would agree that the alexandrite hurts more than the diode. Less post treatment redness with the diode too. I don’t think that either type does that well on light colored hair.

I have had some white hairs fall out after and Aurora IPL/RF treatment though. For light colored hair, electrolysis is probably the best. If someone has a lot of light colored hair it may be worthwhile to try a few Aurora treatments then use electrolysis for follow up.



Hey all:

Well I just had my 3rd treatment with lightsheer to the back, shoulders, and back of neck, and they increased the power to 40J (1st time - 35j, 2nd time - 37 j). OWWWWWW! Boy, I thought the first time hurt. I didn’t realize it would make such a difference. I even put EMLA on the back of my neck and bony parts of the shoulders. That really helped with the back of the neck, almost didn’t hurt at all. But the other areas…wow.

They had to increase it 'cause the hair that has grown back is so fine. I’ve had really good results with the lightsheer. AT least70-80% reduction after two treatments and much much lighter regrowth. It’s gonna make it hard to go back for the 4th and 5th treatments, as I’m already pretty happy.

Recommendations: EMLA for back of neck or any really senstive spot (don’t use too much or you may get dizzy), Advil or something right before and afterwards, and ICE PACKS! These really help right before treatment and afterwards.



The base of the neck does hurt more than other areas, probably because there are more nerve endings there.

Just wait until they turn it up to 45J. It’s worth it though if you can stand it. It is not bad enough though that I felt a need to use EMLA.