lightsheer vs alexandrite?


Does anyone have any experience with lightsheer versus alexandrite. I tried alexandrite (Apogee)first (x3) and got a slight reponse, and the other day I tried Lightsheer (x1). There was less post treatment redness/crusting etc with the lightsheer, it was slightly more painful though. However, 5 days post treatment, less hairs are falling out compared to the post alexandrite. The treatments were comparable (35J, don’t know pulse time).

Anyone with experience with both? I’ve already signed up for the Advanced Laser Clinic package so I’m going to go ahead with the rest of the lightsheer treatments.

Oh and another thing, a good corticosteroid cream (I’ve been using Lotrazone for lack of another) helps with the later onset pimples/reaction to the dead hairs.


I got a test patch with both. On each side of my chest. The results are not amazing but some hairs fall out in both sides. Im still waiting. I will look for electrolysis.


I’ve had both. It takes a little bit longer for the hair to fall out post-treatment with the Lightsheer compared to the Apogee, which is an alexandrite laser. Why this happens I have no idea but it’s normal. It could be that the Lightsheer, being a longer wavelength penetrates deeper and singes the hair deeper in the follicle. So it is melted in place for a little bit longer. Don’t worry they will fall out.

With the Lightsheer, you should shave the areas to be treated the night before or the day of the treatment. Shave as close as possible to the skin, preferably with a blade. This makes the treatment and cooling system more effective and reduces burning.

Both are good lasers but I believe the Lightsheer is better. It works better on finer hair which is important as treatments progress. It has a better cooling system and I have had less post treatment pain and redness with the Lightsheer, even though the fluence was higher with the Lightsheer.

To sum it up, both are good but the Lightsheer is better.



Thanks RJC. I have to agree that there seems to be less post treatment pain and redness with the lightsheer. After the Apogee I was red with hives and crusts in some spots. Some of the hairs have started to fall out now. Will update on progress.


Hi serge, I have used GentleLase (an Alexandrite laser made by Candela) on my Back and Arms. I also had a test area done by LightSheer on my Arm. I am very happy with the results from GL, the LightSheer worked too. They are both good. However I prefer the GL , because it caused much less trauma for me. GentleLase was also less painful than Lightsheer. I also had some minor scabs , at the test area , for Lightsheer. I know these effects can vary from person to person and depend on color of skin (and other machine parameters and operator’s skills).




How long did it take for your minor scabs with the lightsheer to heal. And what did the scabs look like. I had a test patch done and I have what looks to me like pin dot scabs as well as scabs that look like slits.



The anecdotal evidence suggests LightSheer is more aggressive, which may mean it’s too aggressive for some people. The GentleLASE has a bit more of a track record and is know for pretty reliable results.

More important than laser type is practitioner skill-- choose carefully, and pick someone who has a lot of experience with the laser they use.



after almost 2 years of lightsheer, my practitioner went out of business, so i found one who uses gentlelase. and i have had no adverse reactions , and very good clearance. the lightsheer would always burn me around the neck and collarbone, that does not seem to happen with the gentlelase. in fact i have had none of those red welts and scabs that i assumed were part of the normal reaction to laser. in fact now i dont have to hide my shoulders and back when i shower at the gym for the first week after treatment.
so im now more of a fan of the gentlelase…and my new practitioner


Hey all:

Well it’s been just over two weeks since the LightSheer (versus the Alexandrite-Apogee) and I have to say that the results from the LightSheer seem to last longer. I’m still not sure how much will grow back, we’ll see. The only thing is that my neck got a much worse reaction to the LightSheer than the Apogee, but the rest of my shoulders and back got less reaction than with the Apogee. Weird.


Hi All!

After two weeks the side treated with lightsheer is 90% without hair. The side treated with Gentelase look well too but I am more happy with the lightsheer results.
But, it is too soon to said that this will be solution for my hairy problem.


Hi Beaner, sorry about my delayed response (I have not been checking this board, recently). Your description of the “scabs” sounds familiar, mine was more like “pin dots”. They went away after 3-4 days. I should say that Lightsheer seems to be an effective laser (based on many reports on this board, and my test area) , I just prefer GentleLase. My skin seems to have less adverse reaction to GL. It seems to me that GL is less “aggressive” on my skin and only makes temporary red spots (or bumps), but no scabs. I am glad we have two laser type choices (at least), I have chosen GL.


Hey all:

Well, I have to say that I have had much better results with the LightSheer than with the Apogee (alexandrite). The area still has markedly reduced hair compared to before and it’s been about 1 and 1/2 months. Much better than after three treatments with the Apogee! I know more will grow back, but so far :smile: .

I’m starting to think about doing my chest and stomach now, but am a little scared since it’s supposed to so much more painful. I know people talk about using EMLA, but that is topical lidocaine and they use lidocaine for cardiac arrhythmias. Has anyone had any serious compications from EMLA? I don’t know if it’s a good idea to use it on a large area.


I had lightsheer on my upper lip about 4 weeks ago, and although the hair is coming back, I can pull it out very easily with tweezers, its still shedding… I have hardly ANY that are rooted and wont come out…

Underarms the same, about 2 weeks ago, all the hair I have coming is shedding hair, I only have a couple that seem to be stuck in there, but they may still shed too.

Needless to say, I’m VERY HAPPY with my results so far… :grin:


Having chest hair removed with laser doesn’t hurt any more than any other body part. For me it hurt less than the back and the base of the neck. No anesthetic (EMLA) was necessary.

I had a black squishy hair pop out of my upper arm the other day. It definitely looked like a hair that was blasted with the Lightsheer. I have not had any laser or electrolysis done on my arms since May of '02. That changes tomorrow as I was able to squeeze in another Aurora treatment and the target will be the upper arms.



I’m new to this, but… As I’ve mentioned in another post, my chest and stomach were extremely painful (especially the chest). My treatment was with a GL+. Without topical, my forearm pain was bearable at 30 joules (15mm spot), but my chest in particular was outrageously painful even at 20 joules (still 15mm spot). I couldn’t take the chest pain after a short while without the topical and then ELA Max helped me immensely, even though I only had it on for an hour or so before restarting the treatment.

Stomach hurt bad too, but not like the chest. Collarbone and sternum were the most painful areas for me. I ended up using half a tube(15 Mg?) of ELA Max spread over my chest and stomach, and I was numb for pretty much 10 hours afterward… I highly recommend the topical for chest and stomach (though maybe I’m just a wimp)… :wink:


Hey All:

I am still very happy with the LightSheer results. For me it’s much better than the Apogee (Alexandrite) hands down. I still have minimal regrowth on my back and shoulders and it’s been almost two months. The prior treatments with the Alexandrite may have helped, but the regrowth is still much much less. :smile:

I’m getting my chest done for just one time today, though I hope it’s not as effective 'cause I still like a little hair on my chest.


Hi Serge

You have to wait more than two months to be very happy with your results.


Hey Webman:

Yes, I know, but what I was saying is that after two months the results are still better than the Apogee. True permanent results should last a year, so we’ll see, but I still have 4 treatments to go.

I had my chest and abs treated today, and I have to say it HURT! :fearful: The chest really hurt. The abs were about the same as the back and weren’t bad. If you’re going to do the chest, I would recommend some sort of numbing cream! I took two advil, a Xanax, and they wound up having to put some cream on me before they could continue. Afterwards it wasn’t too bad.