LightSheer Treatments

Well, after thinking about it for a half-year I jumped into it and tried laser-hair-removal.

One month ago, Had my first treatment on my back, and today I had treatment on my arms, stomach and chest.

I had spread hair, not very thick and it’s light brown. The laser device was set at level 30 today ( 35 on my back, month ago)

Under both treatment I got MUCH-MUCH hair poping up, I also had a some redness which faded away after one hour. But it still feels like i’ve been in the sun waaay too long.

The nurses doing the treatment had 4 and 1,5 years of experience. They seemed quite qualified, and said to be the best and cheapest in the city. Paid $450 for my back and $550 for arms, chest and stomach today.

I will post a new note soon as I the hair grows back.

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You got a good deal on the price for those laser treatmnts. It is a good sign when the hairs pop out of the follicles!


It is a good sign??? Could you explain why? (sorry, I’m new to this, havent had it done yet…)

My practitioner said it is a good sign (but not mandatory) when the hair flys out of the follicle. I didn’t think to ask at the time.

I can only offer a theory. Thermal damage has occurred to the follicle and some thing has to give when the rapid cell expansion occurs and it’s the hair. This happens more often with coarse hairs than with finer ones.


My practitioner also said the hair popping out of the follicle is a good thing, although it didn’t happen with my treatments.
RJC’s theory sounds pretty similar to what my practitioner told me.

Lasers can damage follicles by two ways: thermal and mechanical. While most know about the heating that occurs when the laser targets melanin, it’s not as well known that the laser/tissue interaction causes a powerful shock wave (for its size). There was an interesting experiment performed by EV Ross (if I recall correctly) in which dark material between two glass slides was lasered, and the mechanical force was enough to shatter the glass.

When follicles are treated at higher energy levels, this force seeks the escape route with the least resistance: out the opening. Sometimes the force is enough to send the hair flying out with it, kind of like a little bullet or a piston.

As RJC notes, this is not necessary for permanent damage to the follicle, but it can be one of the more promising signs this is occurring!

And that’s today’s physics lesson. :grin:

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I had my second treatment on my chest and back earlier this week. I think its the last treatment I need for the moment. Since it seems like I had a great effect from the first treatment that was more then 3 months ago.

Strange thing was it did hurt alot more this time, even I got lot less hair on my chest. The level on the LightSheer machine was set to 30 - 34.

Maybe it was cause I was abit exhusted ( been working alot ) and not been drinking enough water.

I’m glad with the results I got from the 2 treatments.

Thank you for the helpful information this site has given me. It even convinced me to try laser treatment.