lightsheer treatment


does anyone know where rhey do lightsheer laser treatment in England birmingham, Handsworty i am having problems trying to find a good laser treatment formy skin colour, light brown skin with dark hairs. and was told lightsheer is good


Try Boots (the chemist). I am going to the Leeds one, and I think they are really good. The practitioners are registered nurses, and the ones in Leeds really seem to know their stuff. They use the lightsheer up here, and the woman who does me uses compression and a high fluence, and I haven’t had any burns or bad skin problems. I have only just had my second treatment last week, so can’t really tell what the final results will be, but I’m sure if it doesn’t work, it won’t be due to anything she did or didn’t do. The prices are good too compared to a lot of the US prices people on this forum seem to be paying. We are lucky to have such a competent service for such a reasonable price here. They are certainly worth checking out. And of course, if you have a loyalty card, you get points added to it for the treatments. :stuck_out_tongue: