LightSheer Technique


Can results still be achieved if the Lightsheer is used by gliding it over your skin instead of pressing it directly into your skin? My technician says it is the most efficient way to cover large areas. I had one treatment with this laser so far, but it’s too early to tell. I had my buttocks, full thighs and tummy done. Can any readers relate their experiences and results?


Pressing the handpiece down makes it more effective on deeper hairs. The light can penetrate deeper with less scattering. It also forces blood from the area, which may heat up from the laser treatment and cause additional uneccesary skin heating.

These devices should be used according to manufacturer instructions. I’d ask her what studies she’s basing her treatment parameters on. I’d also ask the supervising physician about this modification to standard laser treatment.

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I found that the Lightsheer treatments were much more effective when compression was used. There was less pain and post treatment redness too. The contact cooling system is also much more effective when compression is used.

My first Lightsheer treatment was with a new, less experienced technician because my regular technician was out of town. She did not use compression and the treatment was not nearly as effective. I told my regular technician this and the price on my next treatment was reduced.

The Lightsheer ET is a great laser when it is used correctly.


Also, using compression did not slow down my treatment at all. I guess it all depends on the skill and experience of the practitioner.



Thanks for the replies. Another thing that I didn’t mention about the technician is that she did not want to tell me what settings she was using. She said that she doesn’t discuss the settings with clients because it has no meaning to you unless you know about lasers. She also said that she doesn’t discuss the settings because sometimes clients insist on a setting that is too high for the individual.

I could not get the area between my buttocks done. She said that she will not do any areas that are not readily visible because they tend to be darker and therefore more vulnerable to damage. She said that most technicians will not “dig” because they are not doctors, nor are they under the supervision of a doctor. I can understand if it is her preference not to go too near the anus, but there is still white skin near where your legs end and your buttocks begin. When I made my appointment I told the receptionist (in detail) the areas of my buttocks that I needed treated. She assured me that the technicians were experienced in the buttocks area and would be able to do the job.

I also did not know how much it was costing me until she was finished the job. During the pre-treatment consultation she said that she could not give me a price until she examined the areas. She checked out my backside first and just started treatment. That is a pretty awkward position to be in to start negotiating business. When I called for the appointment the receptionist assured me that they give discounts if you are having a lot done. This is the deal that they billed me for:
Linea - full price $199
Buttocks - 2nd treatment price $249
Thighs - 2nd treatment price $299
sales tax $112.05 Total $859.05 Cdn.

I am thinking of asking for a refund based on what I have related here and in my previous post about gliding the handpiece instead of compressing it against the skin. Any advice on how to approach the clinic to ask for a refund? I am sure that they will not be too keen about refunding my money. :frowning:

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