Lightsheer only 12 joules?


It has been 3 days since I had a test patch done on my face with Lightsheer. The practitioner only treated me with 6 joules, and then tried again with 12 joules. Many people have been talking about 21 to 60 joules. I have very fair skin and the hair on my face is dark.

So far I have noticed no difference where the test patch is :frowning: I was expecting at least some redness or something to indicate that the area was affected , but so far, NO redness, absolutely nothing. I would think 12 joules was kind of low?



The test patch should be done at the energy level they plan to use when they treat you.

This does sound a little low. You might go back for another patch or two at higher levels to see how your skin responds.


Yeah, I kinda thought 12 joules was a little lame :angry: