Lightsheer Laser Diode Experience


I have had 10 sessions on my face in total with the above system. I did find that it helped to reduce the amount of hair somewhat.

But since after 10 sessions I was still getting to many dark hairs regrowing, I switched to electrolysis.
I also had some grey and white hairs which needed to be treated. I did have tough beard to begin with.

So in summary although it probably got rid of some of the hair and made the electrolysis needed a bit less, it did not get rid of all that I needed to get rid of. So far I am on 50 hours of electrolysis,but it seems to be making very good progress.



I read your thread about your laser treatments on your facial hair. I am too a transwoman just on HRT about one month. Have had 3 laser treatments to my face and have had some success, but know I need to eventually get the electrology going. I contacted a Tranwoman electrologist in San Diego, Ca(my area) and talked with her and initially set an appointment. However she said that she needed a 1/4" growth to work on. As you mentioned in your thread it takes about 4-5 days just to get that much growth. I’m very passable and am living full time already, but am concerened about having to let the facial hair grow out that much that often for treatments. How do you cover it up while it’s growing out and hide it in public at the same time. I do have an advantage that I work from home but still don’t want to be home bound all the time to facilitate this process. I thought about letting just a small area at a time that she can work on grow but that’s not too practical really. can you give me some advice that i’m just simply overlooking. I have postponed the first appointment with the electrologist because of this and am going to continue the laser treatments for the time being, hoping that I can then just clean up the areas that the laser can or won’t get to. I’m afraid of going the 10 or so treatments and the 5 weeks in between each and then finding out that it really didn’t do the job I wanted it to and waisted a lot of time as well as money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Stephanie,

You are really in a difficult position, although, working from home will probably help. It is really hard to be full time and doing hair removal. I kick myself daily for wasting my time with laser. I had several sessions (Lightsheer Diode also) on the face and chest. It did work rather well on the chest significantly reducing the hair. The face has been another story. I am what is considered an “ideal” candidate for laser with light skin and dark hair. The laser seemed to reduce my facial hair at first. A couple months after a treatment though, it seems to start coming back in (and I do mean the dark hair as well as the light). There is also a HUGE amount of hair that has just been zapped white.

I switched to Electrology at the end of the year and have had two clearings at E2000 and still there is a lot of hair coming back. Maybe that would be an option for you since you only have to grow out your hair every 6 or so weeks and you’re already full time. If I were you, I certainly wouldn’t waste precious time on laser.


Hi Stephanie:

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I think that you may want to continue with the laser if you have some dark hairs left. It will get rid of some of the hairs and weaken what is left. That was my electrolygist’s opinion anyways, as she is the same person who did the laser first.

E-2000 is an option, although they are expensive and require travel to Dallas. They do have a good track record though.

I have not gone full time yet, and the beard is one of the reasons, but possibly by the end of the year. It is a big step, and I have other things to get in order first.
Most of my reamaining hair is white so that does not show so much. The areas where there is still significant hair growth are mostly at the sides and some on the neck. In 4 days the hairs get a lot less than 1/4" in length. I think the HRT will slow the growth down a bit, so you will be able to figure out how many days growth you need.

I don’t want to suggest dermablend or some such thing as that may not look so good.But you could try it if you wanted.

A friend of mine who is post op has an electrolygist who comes to her home.

Currently, after the laser I have 52 hours of regular electrolysis. It seems to be working. I would like to be close to done by the end of the year. I have a friend who had 200 hours of regular electro at the rate of 4 hours per week. I am feeling that with the laser first, I will need less, hopefully 100 hours will get most of it done.

I forgot to mention, I have been on the hrt for 5 months now.



What does your electrologist say about simultaneous treatments of laser and electrolsis? I’ve contacted the electrolgist in San Diego and she suggested that I treat small areas at a time and just cover those areas with a bandaid. That’s not a bad idea but it sounds like i’ll be the traveling bandaid girl for about a year. She too is a transwoman from way back in 1975. I asked her about simultaneous treatments and she said it would interfere with her electrology treatments. Keep in mind that she does not do laser. I’m afraid that she may be steering me her way for electrology treatments alone. I have a consultation with her tomorrow-Friday 11th of Feb. I’ll let you know what the out come is. If it wouldn’t be a bother to forward to me your electrologists number I would appreciate talking with someone who does both to get another opinion. Thanks for responding to my post.


Hi Stephanie:

I live in Canada and my electrolygist doesn’t know I am trans as of yet. There are lots of clues there for her, but I haven’t outright told her.

I will be seeing her next week and will ask her about simultaneous treatments. I think a professional electrolygist could answer this better, but I don’t see how it would work too well. I think if you are going to get laser then you want to see the reduction you might get before you would treat hairs with electrolysis that the laser may have gotten.

For laser you should be clean shaven, but for electrolysis, you need some days growth.

The hiding the several days growth is a difficult thing to figure out, other than hiding in the house, wearing a veil or a bandage. That is one of the reasons I am trying to do the electrolysis before I go full time.

Besides that your face will show the after effects for several days no matter what method you use, laser or otherwise. It will be at the very least a bit red, but sometimes you will get bumps,scabs or red splotches which take time to go away.

It is tough for you to be in this situation. I have a friend who is too, and she is total stealth.

Good luck. You have to do what you have to do.


Hi Alicia,

I’m lucky enough that I do have some options of hiding in the house for a few days if need be. I work from home and that’s a big advantage. I did go meet for a consaltation with the electrogist who is a T-girl and is very experienced since 1977. I asked her about the simultaneous treatments and she said I could have her work on one area while I continue the laser on the other. So i’ve chosen to have her work on the area below the jaw line and can hide this area pretty easy with a turtle neck of bandage that is easily explained away. The laser treatments will continue on the areas above the jaw line and then when the bottom is finished I can have her clean up the rest of that area with the regular electrology treatments. I’m also very brave and have told most everyone I know so it doesn’t matter too much for them. It’s just the general public that may look at me funny with 4-5 days growth and make-up.

Good luck in you transition. Let me know if you’d like to converse via e-mail instead of this post.