Lightsheer laser - 1st Bikini treatment



I just had my first Bikini (brazilian) lightsheer treatment 6 days ago. This site has been an amazing resource - it really made me finally go and do it.

Im a little nervous at the moment, the hair hasn’t started shedding. I’ve been a bit naughty too - ive been pulling a few of the hairs out to see how easily they come out (and they still feel rooted?)

Can anyone offer some advice? Maybe a little patience?

Oh yeah, im a type 1.




I too had my first Lightsheer treatment of the bikini area (set at 30J once when I looked back)on Saturday morning 5 days ago at first consultation. The skin was pink for maybe 30 minutes afterward, then fine. I have not see ANY hair loss…

Any thoughts…support??




I’ve had clients take as long as 3 weeks for the treated hairs to shed. Don’t pull at them - it does nothing to hasten the process. Hair removal is a long term process, and a commitment, you must be patient! It sounds as if the setting on you first treatment may have been very conservative - and that’s OK. Lightsheer is extremely hard on the skin, with hyper- or hypopigmentation, crusting, swelling and redness being VERY common post-treatment. So if your rednes disappeared so quickly, then the settings may have been low. I treat my first-time clients very conservatively on the first treatment - you never know how their skin is going to react, so caution is the rule. You can always ask for an additional treatment at the end of your package. :wink:


It took mine a while to start falling out I had my second treatment thursday. My first treatment felt root for quite a while it look like normal hair growing back in. I Wasn’t red for more then 10 min. I was sooo shore The setting was not high enough. I was REALLY Worried. But after time It started falling out. I was extremmly Happy with the first resaults

Just be patience, I know this is REALLY HARD

Sally D