Lightsheer is the bomb!

Hi all. I just had my first Lightsheer treatment this morning. I had my face done. I started having a little problem with dark hairs on my face around 18, it was no biggie then, but now that I have reach a 1/4 century it has become a embarrassing nusance that I couldn’t keep up with plucking. I had to take action. I’m so glad I found this website because I found out great information. The technician seemed really suprised in how much I knew.

Anyways, my face is so incredibily smooth now. The laser didn’t hurt at all, just a little tingle. The tech handed me the mirror when she was finished and I was amazed. There were some little singed hairs that she assured me that they could just be scraped off in the next hour and they did. The area was pretty red but aloe took down the redness after about 30 minutes. It’s only been about an 1 1/2 hrs since my treatment and nearly all the redness is gone. I feel comfortable going out wearing a turtleneck just to hide the little areas that are still red. I was told not to put on any makeup for few hours till most of the redness and irritation is gone.

I couldn’t belive how inexpensive the treatments were and this was at a very upscale cosmetic surgon and skin care facility in West Bloomfield, MI(a very nice Detroit suburb). The price was $400 for 4 treatments. I can tell you that is probably the best money I spent on myself. The tech guess that’s probably all the treatments I’ll need. I am a perfect canidate, fair skined and dark haired.

I’ll keep you all updated on the next treatment and how the progress goes.

Hi All,
Yes, things are still good after the lightsheer treatment. The hairs are randomly falling out. I have been keeping a good amount of Aloe on the areas Lightsheered and this helps the hairs to fall out. In the morning I buff off the hairs that won’t fall out let with a “Hair Buff”. I put a little concealer on that, and I’m good to go all day. So far I am happy.

Also, I went out on a date that night after my treatment and felt pretty comortable with the slight redness. I just put on a turtleneck and some foundations and I was set to go. I got his number and we plan to go out again. My confidence has skyrocketed. I am a beautiful woman with a slight issue with hair, but that shouldn’t stop me from pursuing what I want.

I am glad to hear your treatment with lightshear is going wonderful. I just had my first treatment today, and it was for face and a bazillian. I am in Michigan and must say you got a steal of a deal. I am paying on mine for a while. If you can let me know what to expect from the second and third treatments etc…I want to hear more about your success?!


Hi there! I am new to this site and am so glad that I found it as I am contemplating laser hair removal. I was hoping to ask sorell70 how her progress has been since January. I also live near West Bloomfield, MI and was curious to find out which specialist she went to. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you all for the great info!!

I agree, light sheer is indeed the bomb. 2nd brazilian treatment, and very happy. Waxing is archiac. (sp)

Where in Bloomfield did you get your hair removal at?