Lightsheer - First treatment - compared to Epilight

After several Epilight treatments, I decided to switch to Lightsheer. Since the first treatment was today, I won’t be able to compare the results as of yet. However, the discomfort level was extremely minimal; much better than with the Epilight. It was also much faster; I was in an out of there in less than a hour. I’m hoping to see some good results because the treatment was so much more comfortable than when I had the Epilight. After the treatents she also used the Aurora on my face for no charge just as a test. The hair on my face is very fine, very light peach fuzz and she doubted it would work but offered to do a free treatment just as a test. The treatments are all performed by RN’s which made me feel very confident and less worried about possible burns and scarring. Here’s hoping for success!!

I just had my second light sheer session (I hope this actially shows some resulsts) (I had my tummy done)
I was just wondeing what your results have been like.