LightSheer experiences

I have had 5 LightSheer treatments done over the course of the last 2 years on my back and shoulders,although I only believe 3 were effective (I would like to solicit your opinions on this “effectiveness” question—see bottom of this post)

Skin type probably Type II, lots of freckles, reddish/brown hair on the back, shoulders, and chest (golden /light red color on my arms and legs—likely would not work at all), The first treatment was shoulders only-- to try it out. It was performed by a tech with about 3 years experience— more importantly, she had experience with my hair color—she actually had a boyfriend with almost the same difficult hair color and she seemed to know exactly how she could set the fluence based not on what the book said or whoever trained her, but how my skin reacted—she experimented at different settings and liked to see just a touch of red swelling --she also didn’t mind if I felt a bit of pain; the results of the first treatment were as follows: absolutely 100% hairless skin afterwards but a bit red and inflammed for a couple of days with some scabbing— and absolutely no regrowth for over 2 months. –incidentally, she went with 49 joules but adjusted down a couple of joules around the clavicle.

I thought it was interesting and very encouraging but a bit pricey and I’d see what happened long term–After 5 or 6 months or thereabouts, much of the hair grew back (80%?), but it was noticeably less dense relative to my back and shoulder—thus the motivation to try it once again—this time I thought I’d save some money and go to one of the larger “chains” in California (they charged $400+ for the backs and shoulders—pretty standard pricing I see all through Los Angeles—versus about $1200 for one treatment (back and shoulders) at the first office I was at. I figured that since they had the same laser, I would get the same results—WRONG—the first treatment at the chain was done at 30 joules even though I told them how effective my first treatment was at 49—the tech responded that it sounded way too high and they would build me up to a higher fluence as we moved forward—I said O.K., you are the experts—needless to say, I felt absolutely nothing and had full regrowth in 2-3 weeks—I went back in (at no charge) and she did what seemed like a reasonably effective treatment in the 47 range. Next treatment, different tech—not very experienced—these 40+ numbers seemed to frighten them because they were concerned that they would burn my skin. She lowered the setting to 43?—it seemed very ineffective, not much smell of burning hair and much of my hair remained. Anyway, they again comped a session but this time was with their most experienced tech—she used compression and a 48 joule setting and it seemed somewhat effective, although lots of fine hair did not respond. Side effects from this chain include some very minor patches where the hair is not uniform relative to my whole back.

The lesson I have learned is the choice of technician is critical. For my next treatment, I am going to shell out the cash and find that first tech (I was told she moved to another city)—my hair color is tricky and I want a tech who can make judgment calls based on experience. The other techs had little experience and no instinct; it was all out of a book and/or from a trainer.

I would be interested in hearing other experiences in terms of how each of you measures the short-term effectiveness of a LightSheer treatment. In your experiences, does your skin become completely hairless from the treatment (either then or over the course of the next few days) or do you feel a stubble from the remaining hair? Now that I think about it, the first tech explained to me beforehand that my skin would be completely completely hairless, not even fine hair-- and with her treatment, she was correct.
Amount and duration of redness afterwards?
Time to regrowth?
Time between treatments? Both offices recommended 10-12 weeks between treatments. The first one sent me home with ice packs, the 2nd one said ice packs were not to be used??
What does the manufacture say about these issues (totally hairless after a treatments?)
Comments and experiences would be welcomed!

thanks for the great info exchange!

“What does the manufacture say about these issues (totally hairless after a treatments?)”

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Sounds like the first technician really knew what she was doing. Same for the last one too that used 48J and compression. That makes a BIG difference. The skill and experience of the technician is very important.

My technician, who is excellent and did many of the smae things your first one did, says that you have to be aggressive with the Lightsheer for it to be effective. And yes you can expect some pain and redness. I think that many people are too alarmed about that. I would think that reddish brown hair would be more difficult to treat so it seems you have done well when treated at high fluences.

I have relatively dark skin and have had great success with the Lightsheer and a skilled technician. I am a type IV and do not get laser treatments in the summer as I tan very easily and I get really dark. It takes about 3 months for my tan to fade enough for laser treatments.

My experience with the Lightsheer is that the hair does not fall out right away. It can take as long as 3-4 weeks because the hair is singed and melted in place. Some hairs to fly out of the follicle immediately when zapped. I shave the skin clean the night before treatment. The hair doesn’t grow after treatment. I just have some black dots that hang around for awhile. Most of the redness is gone within a day or so of the treatment. On my first treatment of the winter I do get some scabbing. The technician should put some ointment like Aquaphor on the treated area to reduce and scabbing.

Any regrowth that occurrs will happen within two months for me.

About 90 to 95% of my chest and back hair is gone and has not come back. When I shave my chest with an electric I can get an objective idea of how much hair is left relative to shaving before I began laser treatments. There is way less hair than there was before when I empty the razor to clean it.

Most of the hairs that are left are very light in color and I will probably get those with electrolysis as they did not respond to the laser which I expected would happen.

Hope this helps.


I am currently having laser hair removal on my arms and face. I am using the ND YAG laser which they claim to me the most effective for permanent hair removal. I have read many different articles and talked to dozens of techs and all have said that this procedure is not for blond, red, or grey hair and is completley ineffective with this type of hair. I would like to know if you have continued with treatment and found success or not. If so where do you have your treatments and could you possibley refer me to anyone. I am currently having mine done in San Diego and have not come to a conclusiton (yet) on the effectiveness of the laser. I do agree with you that the tech has a lot to do with the effectivness of the laser. I will have my neck done Friday for the 6th treatment. I have had some doctors tell me realistically that 6 to 10 is the prime number of treatments while others say most are happy after four in order to make the sale. I currently wait 6-8 weeks between treatment but I noticed you waited 12. I only have redness and bumps when my face is done that last 1-2 weeks. Its take about 1-3 weeks for the hair to loosen up and fall out or be pulled out without any pain. On my arms the redness only last 24 hours and I think it is mostly associcated with the cream that is applied before the treatment. I will keep everyone posted on the results the ND YAG has to offer. If anyone has any recommendations on doctos, lasers, or facilites I would love to hear about others people experiances and any helpful pieces of advice anyone has to offer. Thank for your time and I will keep everyone posted.

RJC - you mentioned that the hairs which were burnt in place and did not go away for a few days, looked like black dots and did not grow. I had my first laser treatment three days ago on my stomache. They shaved me and then lasered me. Three days later, I have stubble growing. I’ve scrubed the area with a loofah, since my doctor told me the hairs would rub off… they don’t. I even tried plucking a few to see if they hurt (which I assume means they are still attached) and they did. I understand that laser treatment can only get those hairs which are in their growth phase, but if these hairs are growing just days after having been shaved, can’t we assume they were in the growth phase three days ago when I had the lasering done? Why are they growing back so soon? Its as if the treatment didn’t phase them… I am the perfect candidate for laser surgery - very light skin and dark hair. Is this normal or should I ask my practitioner to redo it it and possibly negotiate a freebie? :confused:

When I’m treated it takes 2-3 weeks before the hair sheds. After the treatment it seems like the hair is still growing and it feels like the hair is still attached. But then it stops at 4-5 mm and starts shedding - that’s when I find the loofah handy. My doctor says to come back and let him have a look if the hair hasn’t shed after 3 weeks.

I’m treated with an IPL system so I don’t if it’s comparable. But try calling your practitioner and ask him or her when the hair should have shed with your type of treatment and hair.

You can shave the area if you want to get rid of the stubble, but if it’s not a noticeable area I prefer to let it grow, as it’s much easier to remove after the 2-3 weeks have passed. Rubbing with a towel after bathing will get all the loose hair that way. If I shave the area I end up with lots of loose hairs now shorter than 1 mm sitting just below the surface of the skin. If you pick at them with a tweezer you can tell that they are completely loose, but it sure does take a lot of time, loofahing and/or picking (not recommended) to get them out !

DK gave a very good description of what normally happens after a diode laser treatment.

If you don’t see results after 2-3 weeks talk to the practitioner.

Maybe the fluence was too low.


Hi Scott… Ive been having laser hair removal with the Lightsheer. My experience is still too early yet to really comment on.But i must say so far ive been more then satisfied.My doctor told me from the beggining it would take 6-8 treatments to get good results. Im doing my whole upperbody except arms and buttox.After just 2 treatments there is alot of clearance.My skin is very light and i have dark hair.In your case since your hair is on the reddish side it might not be working as well.Im happy with my results but its still to early to make a judgement.In fact its been 1 month and a half and so theres been so little regrowth i havent made an appointment yet.In between my 1st and 2nd treatment was a 1 month wait.I would like to have whatever more regrowth grow so i can zap it all at once and get the most of my treatments.My next treatment i will make sure to have the Joule setting cranked up to at least 40 to kill whatever has come back.Like RJC said it also take me 2-3 weeks for shedding sometimes even longer.I do though experience alot of redness/hive like reaction for about a week after.But it all goes away and now im back to normal no scarring no redness and THANK GOD no hair :smile:

Great reports everyone!

If you are promised a certain result, you should insist on getting it IN WRITING. Most places do not make guarantees, but occasionally an overzealous salesperson will say something exaggerated. Do not believe them unless they are willing to put it in writing.

Best of luck to everyone, and definitely keep us posted! :relaxed:

5 treatments over 2 years? That seems a bit low. Although I don’t know the hair cycle for the shoulders or back, I’m having my legs and arms done every 3 months. So far I’ve had 4 treatments this year.

Fortunately, my clinic (a chain called Advanced Laser Clinics) offers a package where, if you pay for all 6 treatments, they guarentee results to last for 2 years. or something (in writing!). And, if hair does start to come back, they’ll treat you for free until it stops. While I’m still waiting to see how my results are after 6, and how long they last afterwards, so far I’m pleased.

Thats a great gaurantee.