Lightsheer EP first time treatment..........

Two days ago I had my first treatment with the above mentioned laser. The treatment was applied to my stomach/ abdomen. I have quite much dark hairs om my chest and stomach. I am a type III skin and the hairs are black. Initially she divided my stomach with a pen into 4 different sections. Two upper sections and two lower sections. The upper ones were treated at 35 nj the lower at 30. Hairs popped out of my skin during the treatment. Small bubbles appeared after 3-4 minutes, and the skin was cooled down with ice packs. Relatively painful procedure. MY question to you anyone there is how long can I generally expect until I have full regrowth of my hairs ? By this I mean when are the hairs remainnig back to their original state and length ?

I just had treatment done on my back with the same machine. The doctor said expect full regrowth within 3 months.

If you only have one treatment, you’ll have a sense of how you responded at 3 months, but it would be about 6 months before you had a sense of how your long-term results were, and a year to determine prmanence. You should do treatments based on the parameters set up with your practitioner. One treatment alone is far less effective than multiple treatments for most consumers.